Saturday, January 05, 2008


The following song is from a Shel Silverstein
album called:

Inside Folk Songs, 1962

Although I was too young at the time,
he had for awhile been living on a
houseboat in Sausalito, Ca and at times
would be hanging out in the North Beach
district of San Francisco.

This is from an old album and his early
albums have still not been out on CD.

This one has been a favorite.
Seems he not only could write topical songs,
he drew, painted, wrote poetry.
no longer available


Anonymous said...

Man, now I need a standup bass!

Cheers, Che

DivaJood said...

I love Shel Silverstein. He also wrote lovely children's stories (The Giving Tree). Great way to start a rainy Saturday.

Unknown said...

Che was a hero of my college years and Shel wrote wonderful poems and songs. Thank you. This is a wonderful post.

Squirrel said...

i was thinking briefly of Che today-- funny how that works. i was researching some cuban and s. american things...

do you recall the name/ street address of the store where you go the coffee misc...i'd like to scamper over a see what is there now. thanx

Squirrel said...

did shel write 'i got stoned and i missed it"? or was that someone else?

Coffee Messiah said...

hR9: Ha, ha! ; )

diva: Where The Sidewalk Ends is a classic! ; ) Hope all is well your way. Sounds like lots of rain!

ssn: Ahhh, you're revealing your age! ; )

squirrel:Unfortunately, the store that we bought our coffee equipment is lost forever. I looked at our manifest for the guy here that went to get it for us, but it's not on there either.

And yes, SS wrote that song also.