Thursday, January 03, 2008

coffee messiah beginnings

thanks to: gorey laurey
who sent this in the late '80s
wherever you are

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Not sure of the year of this photo, but is
only part of a 5 image picture.

My Dad took this sometime after we
moved here around 1959, I believe.

We were the 1st people on our block for what
may have been a yr, perhaps a bit less.
We lived to the left about a block from
a fence that separated us from a hill
which led to the old Highway 1.

Of course growing up, we spent many days climbing
down to the beach. Looking at old abandoned cars,
finding a few fossils embedded in rocks.

We made our own skim-boards and would
spend many foggy days along the beach.

To the right, where the hill has been cleared
out was where our two primary schools were
and the high school we went to.

If you look close, in the foreground you will see
the remains of one of the old farms.

In the distance is San Francisco.

Dairy farms and sand was what this area
was before being developed by Henry Doelger.

Not sure of the yr of this one either and was
taken the 1st time we had any snow in the area.

Back in these days, you knew people from blocks
and blocks away. And never worried about
walking alone as a child.

Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds
was written about this area.
no longer available

Many others have revisited this song
over the years. I know it made quite
an impression on me and really got
me to thinking about alternate realities
to what I saw/heard everywhere.

Can't remember for sure what motivated
me to send in for this, but I did.

Kirby J Hensley started the ULC in order
to save people from paying taxes,
and initially all you had to do was
send your name and he sent this back.

Of course, he must have been inundated
with requests, so not long after I received
mine, you had to send in $25.00.

This may be another reason I have never
joined or become affiliated with anything
organized. Well except the Union
I had to join in order to work many moons ago
which is now, thanks to downsizing and
union busting almost gone.

I forgot I had this until I started going through
some things I need to get rid of.

I sometimes ponder why I have become
and think the way I do. Or more importantly,
what all helped transform me into who I am.

Living here and at this time, and looking back,
seeing the melting pot this area was for music,
musicians and the arts, was no doubt part
of the overall picture.


DivaJood said...

The music is part of my childhood! I grew up on this kind of folk music. And I love the photos. (Putting you back up on my blog roll, now I'm back.)

robin andrea said...

I'm not seeing the photos for some reason, coffee.

BTW--I am really glad Divajood is back blogging.

robin andrea said...

Ah, I see the pics now. Growing up on the coast must have been so cool, especially being able to hike around and find fossils.

Interesting thing about that Malvina Reynolds song, the Showtime series "Weeds" uses it as their theme song. They have a zillion different versions.

Squirrel said...

Hey--I was here earlier, and now the photos are visible--thanx!

Gledwood said...

Re the top picture: my beginnings were also humble. And yet did not involve praying to springs...

Daniel said...

Ah, Coffee, how well you present these bits of your life. You are making a jigsaw for us, one that creates an interesting mental picture.

My past seems to be a series of experiences, all distinct and separate. Sometimes I look back at my past and wonder whether I dreamed it or not!

Some of it was a nightmare so I may have. Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

diva:Nice to see U back and of course, Thanks for stopping by!

robin:Never heard of the show but that there's many version certainly doesn't surprise me at all. She was quite a lady and activist as you probably already know.

squirrel: Nice to C U!

gled:Ha, ha! Thanks for stopping by.

daniel: I'm with you on the nightmare side! ; (

Bobby D. said...

I walked around taking pics of all the COFFEE signs in cafe and store windows-yes they even serve coffee in the card shop... the beauty salons have fancy machines, the pzza parlors..I dropped off my car for a tune up and was offered a cup. I went to a bakery-cafe instead... Coffee is seriously everywhere.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy old photos, not to mention remembering by-gone comics. The video was top notch! Thanks!

Kat said...

Thanks for posting a favorite Malvina. I always pictured Levittown when I hear this song, but am glad to learn its real inspiration.

I am a lover of old pictures.

Coffee Messiah said...

dcb: It's funny isn't it? Although coffee is coffee, a majority of what you get isn't very good! ; (
I'm sure the bakery experience was way better, not to mention perhaps a decadent dessert? ; )

ssn: That video is a hoot! ; )

kat: Since the song is so old, people that remember Malvina Reynolds and her start in the Bay Area also are passing away. She was quite an activist and she did so on her own. At that time an amazing feat, and being an older woman also!

Miles said...

the universal life church. i too became 'ordained' many years back, but lost my certification in a building fire.

enjoyed your daly city panorama. the area sure was beautiful before it all got paved over.

my best to you in the new year.

Coffee Messiah said...

miles: What a riot about the ULC. You're the 1st person to admit you were ordained also! ; )

Of course, my Best to You and Yours also! Cheers!