Monday, February 25, 2008

Gigot - Jackie Gleason

"Jackie Gleason played mute pauper in
early twentieth century Paris named Gigot.
Gigot is a simple minded man,
but one with a great heart and a love for others.
His ignorance and naivete make him an
easy target for the local villagers.
The adults and children of the town make him an object of ridicule,
and all the while he thinks that they are trying to be his friends.
Gigot works as a janitor, but the lady he works for,
who is no different from her fellow townsfolk,
takes advantage of him and pays him next to nothing.
His only friends are the local animals,
until one night he finds a Parisian streetwalker
and her young daughter abandonded on a doorstep.
He takes them back to the dirty cellar where he lives,
and he shares what little he has with them.
The woman is ungrateful, but Gigot puts on a show for her daughter,
and he and the little girl become fast friends.
Jackie Gleason is very good in what could be
his greatest big screen performance.

Gleasons portrayal is very Chaplinesque in its combination
of pathos and humor, and the movie's format and theme
are strongly reminiscent of those found in silent films.

The score, composed by Gleason and Michael Magne,
and the directing, done by Gene Kelly, are both more than adequate,
and the authentic French locations add a nice touch to the picture."

This film has not been transferred to anything,
since it first came out. I found a copy on VHS,
that someone else transferred from what
appears to be a TV screening.

If you can find yourself a copy,
you will not regret it.

One of the best films of all time!

how to live in peace
be my hero - october project
w/Mary Fahl


Squirrel said...

I will look for this on dvd--I can't believe I missed it--- Gleason was very good in the 80's film where he played Tom Hanks's father... Something...can't recall the title...

Catana said...

Thanks for heads-up regarding this film; sounds like my cup of tea...or coffee

Fred said...

Oh it will eventually end up on dvd, someday.

Coffee--we are voting at the uni. pls stop by.

H said...

I can't imagine him in a non-speaking role. Those photos are great.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: This to me, was one of his best, hands down. All I ever see are personal copies circulating. I made a DVD copy from the VHS.

catana: It's quite touching and the music? Oui, oui!

cu: OK..........

h: He's magnificent. No words are needed when you watch his facial expressions. ; )

tinyorangepig said...

Hey, I run a blog that tracks this film and where to find it (ebay is the best candidate). Check it out....