Monday, March 31, 2008

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

Once I arrived well outside Greensboro, this
was the site I saw. I left at 6:30 am Sat and
wanted to get home before dark. My only stops
were to get gas and stretch. If I had known the
history I might have meandered to the top.

This surely will be a trip at some point.

Was a beautiful site to see, especially
the closer I was getting to it.

This was Frostys, in Greensboro, NC only
about 10 minutes from where I was working.

The Hush Puppies were the best I encountered
but sadly, although an experience and fun with
others in tow, except for here, the food never
quite agreed with me.

Must be all the Thai and Vietnamese we eat!

John Neal Bookseller to the left,
Pages Past to the right.

John Neal sells calligraphy, bookbinding,
illuminators, papercraft tools and supplies.

Pages Past is owned by a friend of my boss.
He and his wife also have an Indian Restaurant, that
we ate in my 1st night and it was very good.
Sadly, I did not have my camera to get a photo of them
or the delicious food they served.

On the walls in John Neals are envelopes from
people who are ordering supplies.

Calligraphy is still an art form used by
many in even todays modern world.

I made it home about 5:45 pm Sat evening.
Although it rained early, after a few hours
it stopped and the weather was clear.

Driving through West Virginia was beautiful too.
The different color of the ground from state to state
is amazing. Charlotte, WV seemed to go on
forever and the river, with the coal mines all around
and the houses that looked like picture puzzle pieces.

America, even from the car is an amazing place to
see and visit, despite the sad state of affairs we
are in, in these desperate times.


Anonymous said...

Bro-you are not suuppose to take pics and drive at the same time.
Safe trip back to Lisa.
Love to you both!

Merle Sneed said...

There was a root beer restaurant chain called Frosty's in the olden days. I wonder if this Frosty's started as one?

By the way, thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. we drove from NYC to Cinn. a few years ago and just had to stop and stay in Wheeling West Va -- Geographically it is interesting, and it was falling completely apart and attracting a lot artists at exactly the same time. We decided to stay overnight and walk around the next day. It really was an amazing place. Oh America...

Kurt said...

I recommend taking the California Zephyr from SF to Chicago. Beautiful scenery, plus you eat all your meals "community style." What you find out is that the US is full of all sorts of real nice people, and only a few nutjobs.

dennis said...

Dennis likes that mountain top

tony said...

What Are Hush Puppies? In England they are a brand of shoe!
Happy Trails Continue!
Thanks For The Photos.......The US is a wonderful place.

robin andrea said...

I'm glad you are home, coffee. Being on the road is a great way to really take a look at our country. Best not to let the media describe who we are. I agree with Kurt, taking Amtrak is a wonderful way to travel. We've take the Coast Starlight many times between San Francisco and Seattle. All of our fellow travelers were quite easy and friendly.

About food, I think the quality of food starts with the oil used in its preparation.

Bobby D. said...

I'm impressed that you drove solo all that distance.

Bobby D. said...

My car always breaks down on long trips (old car)

Coffee Messiah said...

lil sis: Who says? Thanks! Love, Big Bro!

merle: Oh yeah, I remember the Frosty Cones myself! ; )

phd girl: I must credit Charles Kuralt for my curiosity in traveling like this! Oh. and what part of America isn't falling apart? ; (

kurt: Once out of the box even seemingly crazy people make some sort of sense!

dennis: It looked very cool.

tony: Well, if you must know, they have cornmeal, some sort of pancake mix or something or another plus some extrees and they are fried I think. If done right, they're mighty tasty!

robin: Have only taken the train to travel in Germany and found it more amazing than driving a car. What you see is the real world. Oh and yes, cooking oil and the good kind can make a difference!

dcb: I had no choice really. Plus the company rented a nice vehicle for me so it was a pleasure. Although, after 2 full days, it may take one more for me to be back to the same bad person I was prior to leaving! ; )

Anonymous said...

Pics from the road! I'm lovin' it!

Sadly, your experience seems typical, finding your taste in BBQ. That's why folks really swear by what they've found.

Good you made it back safe!

Mary said...

I love a road trip. Usually. Welcome home!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed this post, all your posts are totally fascinating, because they give me a window into a country to which I have never been:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tour.

BTW, have you hear about the study that indicates that coffee may cut the risk of dementia by blocking the damage cholesterol can inflict on the body? The BBC reports the story at

Coffee Messiah said...

decker: Thanks so much! And yes, BBQ like that is an acquired taste to be sure.

mary: Thanks! ; )

damyanti: Thanks for the visit. I went to your food site but could not leave a comment. ; (

nick: Hmmm, Thanks for the link. Like most reports, I don't take them too seriously. One day they are positive, the next they aren't.
What can you do?????

Kimberly said...

Those are great pics!
I'll be moving to Asheville after Nursing School. I think it's the most beautful place (along with Montana) in the States that I have ever seen.

Coffee Messiah said...

kimberly: Sadly I've never been to Montana. But yes, the mountains around Asheville are beautiful indeed. Good Luck there!

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