Thursday, June 12, 2008

Theme Thursday - Bridges

Our towns Covered Bridge,
still standing, sans snow! ; (
(today is supposed to be an
upper 90s day with more humidity)

There is a land of the living

and a land of the dead

and the bridge is love,

the only survival,

the only meaning.

Thornton Wilder

This is in Ballard @(Locks), Seattle, on our
trip last year. I wouldn't mind some
ocean breeze and salt air about now.

Thanks hR9!

This is a "bridge of friendship" from my friend
Greg who recently took a trip and sent this PC.

Can anyone guess where it represents
in the little ol' u s of a?????


Anonymous said...

the first bridge with snow looks so refreshing! I don't know what the last image represents.

Bobby D. said...

the postcard might represent someplace in California? A mission?

Kurt said...

Nice covered bridge pic.

The drawing looks like Mission San Something.

DivaJood said...

I like the images Coffee. The North Manchester bridge looks familiar. As for the postcard, I am not sure what it's supposed to be.

dennis said...

Dennis believes in bridges of love.

robin andrea said...

Nice theme, coffee, especially considering Wilder's quote. I don't know what the postcard represents though.

tony said...

(only a wild guess)Would it be somewhere in Texas??

Coffee Messiah said...

phd g: Snow
sounds good
about now! ; )

dc: Nope! ; (

kurt: Nope X2.

diva: There's another bridge but much smaller in town, and not as pretty as a covered bridge.

dennis: Those are the best kind, indeed.

robin: Thanks for popping in.

tony: Nope, have never been and not sure at this point if I'd ever make it there.

BTW, the card does represent a town further East than us in indy-anna. It's a tough one, and I would never have guessed if it weren't written on the back, and told so by hR9.

Avid Reader said...

thornton wilder was so sexy.

Anonymous said...

The postcard is a bit out of the norm for the area. It had a kind of surreal vibe about it which I liked. Can't remember the artist or if it even sez?

Anonymous said...

Australia has no covered bridges that I'm aware of. They're kind of scary as if they might be haunted!

It reminds me of Sleepy Hollow. As a kid that movie terrified me. The headless horseman and all that.

George Bush terrifies me now. And John McCain!


Coffee Messiah said...

ms w: I wonder if he knew?

hR9: Yes, Avery Johnson was the artist. I'll reveal the area later.

And of course, Thanks for the thought and card and it is as you mentioned!

david: They're pretty cool actually and disappearing fast, that is with the help of those who enjoy lighting fires! ; (

Yes, McC is a very scary fella, the same as gw! ; (

Hope all is well you're way.

Frederick said...

I have a few picture of some bridges.

Cathy said...

mmmmm, Seattle, love those locks. I think the postcard is a painting of some civil war ripped town on the east coast.
also love the Thornton Wilder quote. Nice one.

DivaJood said...

Coffee, Tim Russert just died - heart attack while shooting a promo for Meet the Press. He was only 58.

Wanderer said...

Is the postcard a tomb or graveyard?

New England?

Squirrel said...

Postcard: the cloisters?

Coffee Messiah said...

fred: Thanks, I need to stop by and say hello this weekend. It' been too long and a "belated" Happy Birthday to ya! ; )

cathy: I thought if you came by you'd know this one.

diva: That's the irony in life I do not understand, we can all go in a flash, yet people treat each other with such disregard often times! Sad indeed. I also am thinking of all the bad shit happening in the states the last few years.

War Karma???????

lib: No, but you're in the right direction. Thanks for popping by. I will have to see what U R up to.

squirrel: Nice guess, but no.

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