Thursday, July 31, 2008

someone emailed this and I was told
it is from 2006.

In Europe, coffee is an unknown beverage.

You can get what the European hotel-keeper

thinks is coffee, but it resembles the real thing

as hypocrisy resembles holiness.

Mark Twain - A Tramp Abroad 1880

Every trip to Chicago, warrants a stop
at this coffee shop, and down the street
our favorite sushi bar, New Tokyo.

Although we did not take a picture,
across from the sushi bar is a tea shop
called Argo Tea. It is now a stop for
iced tea on these sweltering summer days.

While we were killing time for our ride on
the Architectural Tour on the canal, we
took this ferris wheel ride.

Two shots of the skyline.

On our tour at the foot of the bridge
on the far left, there's a building being
built that will be finished in 2012.
It will rise higher than the Sears tower.

Very perplexing as it will block a nice view
looking down the canal.

Random shot from the canal.

What a great view.

When I saw this crane I kept thinking
of the ones that fell in NY.

In the Wheeling area we had a dinner here.

I wish we had brought our camera in.

We had an Apple Gorgonzola salad.
Everything was fresh, and it had
cranberries, apple, walnuts also.
Delicious doesn't come close to describe
the flavors and taste.

We also had Porchetta Rustica, which was
herb roasted pork in red wine sauce with
balsamic vinegar, blueberries, capers, hazelnuts
with Italian Broccoli Romano.

We need to go back before the end of August
as they are giving away a trip to Italy for 2.

You never know........

As I was driving to the hotel, I noticed
this Organic Bakery on Belmont St.

Will have to stop next time.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

I've been wanting to take that architectural boat tour in chicago.

we've got one of those buca restaurants nearby and we went once a few years ago, thought the food was quite tasty but the most amazing thing were some of theme rooms - my favorite was the pope room....they were definitely worthy of documenting!

happy travels!!

Bob Dylan said...

Love chicago! These are great photos.

tut-tut said...

I have never been to Chicago, but have been yearning to go for quite a while. Thanks for the virtual tour!

Kurt said...

I was just there last year and had a great time, except for the food poisoning.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Tony's Burrito Bar! It rocks@!

Merle Sneed said...

Mrs. Sneed and I have been to Chicago many times. We love it. The architectural boat tour is fascinating, but you have make your own walking tour too.

Squirrel said...

I'm still trying to think of something witty to say about good old jesus Valdez...

I was in Chicago a few times, but never stayed long enough ! I hope to go again someday...

Coffee Messiah said...

mouse: The photographs caught my attention. And the food of course. It's slim pickens where we live! ; (

bd: Thanks!

t & t: It's overwhelming and we've found picking one area to center on helps reduce running around and getting lost time.

kurt: I wonder where you ate?

enemy: I now realize I need to ask for some recommendations.....

merle: Yes, walking is best, but not in the heat of a humid summer.

squirrel: Er, yeah. I know you'd enjoy Chicago, although it would not have anything you couldn't get where you are.

robin andrea said...

Your photos make Chicago look beautiful, for a big city. Love that Twain quote.

Joanne said...

Just found your blog, great Chicago pictures. Love the coffee references thruout! Enjoyed browsing.

tony said...

so this is what Chicago looks like beyond Passport Control!
I have never been into the city itself.I have flown in&out +stayed in the Airport for a couple of hours waiting for a Transfer.
The coffee in the Airport was good although flying in & out , the buildings looked very small .............

Anonymous said...

Did you take the gangster bus tour? Big fun!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Thanks for the mini-tour. About the best review I've heard for Chicago. (had an art teacher once who thought nothing good ever came out of Chicago. I still don't know why he thought that.)

Coffee Messiah said...

robin: It's so spread out, and there are so many "nooks and crannies" I don't think we will ever see all it has to offer.

joanne: Thanks for stopping by and will make an attempt to check your blog out also.

tony: Downtown seems to be where most of these large buildings are. Sorry you've been stuck at the airport. ; (

hR9: Nope, will have to add it to another trip.....

decker: Hmmmm, like most cities, there's always something offered, although we may not see it. And much has come from Chicago through it's long history! ; )