Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sharing the pie

This weeks election fear and hate tactics
are not wanting to share the pie. Rather amusing
since the poor have never been so poor and I
my friends can be counted among them, but the
rich are richer.

In another issue of Stars And Stripes circa 1959,
the minimum wage at that time was raised from
$1.00 an hr, to $1.25. Here in indy-anna the
minimum wage is $7.50 I believe.
Wow, we sure have come a long way. ; (

If you would take,

you must first give,

this is the beginning

of intelligence.

Lao Tzu

CoffeeMessiah CD sighting:
JS Bean Factory, St. Paul, MN

These were sent in by Joe S of Roundcircle.
Hey, I notice they use a Cimbali machine.
That's what we had and were sorry we didn't
keep it when we closed! ; (
It was a great machine!
Last year he sent some very fine coffee for us to try.
He and his family were then in Wisconsin.
Thanks for sending the photos!

If anyone else finds this playing in your
send me some photos.


Strong enough to float a horseshoe.

Old West description of the
perfect cup of coffee


Unknown said...

The wise man does not lay up treasure. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own. ~ Lao-Tze

I love the song!

tut-tut said...

There's something familiar about that song, and yet I don't believe I've ever heard it.

The tenor of the election is getting nasty, and I'm fearful. also, what is wrong with "spreading the wealth"? Am I naive in believing this is what we are supposed to be doing?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I agree with tut - don't we have a responsibility to spread the wealth!! for a country that wants to embrace a 'christian' heritage the u.s. has lost sight of the basics:
feed the hungry
shelter the homeless
visit (and care for) the sick
etc. etc.

mcsame's thowing the S word (socialism) around has gotten my rant up - here's a guy whose family has benefited from the u.s. form of socialism for 3 generations. in the military....health care, housing, and all sorts of other basics are 'guaranteed' ....and his family wasn't even the grunts in the system, but the ruling elite in the military. and then he moved over to congress - more socialized systems there!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

p.s. in ohio the minimum wage is only 7 bucks/hr

Kurt said...

I have not paid much attention to the mud slinging. That's how I stay sane.

robin andrea said...

I can't wait for November 4th to get here. If we would be lucky enough to elect Obama, we might finally have a truly civilizing moment.

tony said...

The Pie Is A Dream When You Dont Even Have A Crust.........

Megan said...

$8.50 in California. Not enough.

That is an amazing looking machine.

Coffee Messiah said...

nick: Glad you liked it and one can't go wrong with any LT quote. Hope all is well with you.

t & t: The wealth has been spread, but only to those making more than over $100,000.00? Heck, I could live comfortably on at least $75,000.00.

kimy: I found another nice photo that fits here well. I'll post it Fri. It 'splains my feelings for many years. With companies paying excess payments to CEOs, seems that $10-$15.00 hr would turn a few lives around and the companies would still make a hefty little profit. What the Hell? ; (

kurt: Oooh, I thought it was something else, not mud! ; (

robin: A moment would be nice and civility and thinking about others for a change, not just ourselves and how much more we can have/make. Give my best to Roger too.

tony: I guess a crumb is a start anyway ; (

megan: One of the machines I believe you're talking about is the coffee roaster. And yes, even $10.00 can barely make it anymore. A sad commentary on what's important to business's in general. Of course we expect them to make a profit, but if they can pay a CEO millions a few more dollars an hour per worker surely would still net a profit of some sort.

Anil P said...

I hardly ever get to see machines like these back here.

lettuce said...

wow, those are some impressive coffee machines

Coffee Messiah said...

anil p: I wonder why? Although you can roast in a pan, in a steel drum or whatever. I'm still curious about what coffee shops there might be in your country.

lettuce: They're usually hidden in a back room, although some keep them out in the open. They have been made smaller too!

Spadoman said...

Nice pictures, I wonder who took them, (smiles the Cheshire Cat)

At the J&S Bean Factory, the home of the photos and the Probat roaster, the owner, Steve, has three roasters. The one in the picture can roast 50 pounds at a time. He has another that will hold 25 pounds, and a miniature that will roast one pound of coffee beans at a time. The small one is used as a sample roaster and sits neatly on a table.

The large probat as seen only shows the front business end, where the coffee comes out after it is roasted. The rest of the story includes two other large chambers for chaf collection and an "afterburner". You've inspired me to make a Youtube of the thing in operation. I'll get to work on it immediately.

Coffee... really enjoying the CD. All the coffee that people think about, truly a love album.


Coffee Messiah said...

spado: Sorry I didn't see this sooner. When you make the video, let me know. I'm glad you enjoy the CD!

Cheers and Peace to You and your Family!