Saturday, October 25, 2008

in a fog

original postcard from Caffe Trieste, SF

Daniel Webster described the Green Dragon

coffeehouse and tavern as

"the headquarters of the Revolution."

It was there that the unhappy patriots

brewed up the Boston Tea Party.


Unknown said...

Love the postcard There is so much going on in it, really captures the spirit and story of a coffee house!

R.L. Bourges said...

Wow. Double whammy, here. The postcard's a gem and I just discovered Ken Nordine. yep, yep, yep, that's how it plays isn't it? (now, add the inner voice of the guy commenting at the end of the clip + the inner voices of the folks in the postcard and..."Broadcast Live from the Tower of Babel"!)

Me? strange? no more than the next person, I bet.


Kurt said...

Cafe Trieste was a nice, low key place; cool people didn't destroy it like they do everything else they discover.

billie said...

i am going to guess we won't get the same atmosphere at starbucks. maybe that's why america has been catatonic for so long :)

s. douglas said...

Damn,how times have changed.

Anyone drawing up plans for a Revolution now will probably be sitting in a Meth Lab.

tut-tut said...

Nice neon sculpture. I had not heard of Ken Nordine before. I had at first thought it was the voice of one of the Star Trek people, Leonard Nimoy or Wm. Shatner . . .

tony said...

Tis A Fact That Coffee & Rebels Go Hand-in-Hand.Long May It Be So.

robin andrea said...

I really like the fog photo. The fog just blew in off the coast this morning. We watched it creep up the streets, over houses, under bridges.

SRyanReed said...

hopefully you'll accept comments from the not-so-wise, too. i put a link to your blog on my amateur site let me know if you're not ok with that. your blog is most excellent.

thank you for helping to wake up the nation - or keeping us awake.

and entertained.
peace out from texas

Ali Dahmash said...

Just came accross your website, its nice, Im a Peace and coffee lover as well ;)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

friday was the 156 anniversary of daniel webster's death...and october 16 was the 250th birthday of noah webster - a real webster month!

is the green dragon coffeehouse still around?

great fog photo. yours?

Coffee Messiah said...

absolute: It's a great place to hang out. At least it was while I was living there! ; )

rlb: Ken Nordine is the best! ; )

kurt: I've had many fine coffee's there! ; )

betmo: SB can only make a feeble attempt. You either are or aren't!

fairlane: I'd like to know where all the kids are that should be speaking out about their future too???? ; (

t & t: He's been around for such a long time. We should keep our eyes peeled to see if he can be spotted in Chicago. I think he lives there.

tony: Always! ; )

robin: I miss the fog and fog horns as well as the west coast. My best to Roger too.

howl: No problem and will look further on yours when time allows.
Thanks for stopping by!

ali: We need more of us! ; ) Thanks for stopping by and will stop your way when I can.

kimy: You've a holster full of facts! ; )

Nope, it's from the internets!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I try....bises

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that audio clip and really like that fog photo. Is that guy on the roof?

Coffee Messiah said...

kimy: )

decker: Nordine has been a favorite since the 70s!

He appears to be on a hill looking out.

Miles said...


i thought you might find this link of interest:

hope you're well and keeping warm.