Thursday, March 05, 2009

theme thursday = glass

This is a copy of the original stained glass
at the Augsburg Cathedral, in Germany.
Windows in this cathedral date back to
the 12 th century.

Around the corner from our store
a little blues club called Blooeys.
When we opened,
one of the first business
owners to introduce
themselves to us was
Bill and Marianne.
We became instant friends
and we'd like to think
we treated them as well
as they treated us.
Bill Lupkin played at their club a few times.

If you click here, you'll see what else he does.

And here is one of Bills songs called Elgin Bounce.

He plays the harmonica.


Anonymous said...

Great post, C.M. I've heard of Bill Lupkin's harmonica playin'( anything blues, I'll give a listen )and love the tune, here. WAY beter tah nPop could ever play :D Did not know he also did stained glass. What an art form! Looks like the shoppe was closed that day. Would be cool to view the artisan at work...

Ronda Laveen said...

I get lost in stained glass. I even have a stained glass ceiling in my bathroom. (Shucks, I should have used that for my theme). My mother, before she got Alzheimer's, crafted in glass. The pieces in the ceiling were out of a 70's style waterbead frame that she made for us after we married. When we got rid of the headboard, I saved the frames. My husband surprised me one anniversary by installing them in the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, there's a nice reflection in my game entry, C.M. Couldn't work it any sooner. It was fun playing, tho'. You'll find it on my other blog.

Candie said...

Very nice work!

High Desert Diva said...
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Tess Kincaid said...

Blooeys! Now that's a cute name for a blues club!

Love the video of the stained glass shop in good old Fort Wayne.

R.L. Bourges said...

Lupkin: Stained glass and harmonica blues. hey, how cool is that?

And Augsburg - did you visit? (gorgeous stained glass window)

Thanks for the mix, cm!

edward said...


mouse (aka kimy) said...

is blooeys still in business?

that bill he's multi-talented!!!!

that style of the stained glass from germany always reminds me of wood-cuts which I'm quite drawn to.....

New Yorker wannabes said...

Thank you CM! I enjoyed and loved every minute I spent on this post!

take care
peace and love

Dakota Bear said...

Thank you for the post. I didn't know about Bill Lupkin.

I have seen some spectacular stained glass in my travels. The Rose window in Notre Dame is breathtaking. But I would say the upper level of Ste Chappelle is awesome. Both of these are in Paris not too far from each other.

Ed said...

You can't beat the blues! Good call!

Brian Miller said...

love the stained glass and often think of what was in the mind of those that created as they often take on different aspects of a general theme...much like TT. very nice.

e said...

Great posting, CM. I did not know of Bill L, either. Thanks for the introduction.

Colette Amelia said...

coffee is a brewing...and it was a great visit stopping here while I wait!

Megan said...

Hey, this is neat-o! Thanks for the video and the link and the song and and...

Sorry I was a little bratty with my post today. I couldn't concentrate last night. Maybe looking at some stained glass for a while will help. :)

Dot-Com said...

Great tune - and learned a few new things about stained glass.

P11 said...

ha ha ha, i play drums since 1985, and have my drum kit in my office and a piano also, this video was with another band, take a glance

Mrsupole said...

Great stained glass picture, I love stained glass.

Put the music on and watch the video, they just somehow seemed to fit together. Most enjoyable experience. It seemed like parts of the glass in the video were moving with the music. Was pretty cool.

Thank you.

Merle Sneed said...

I really enjoy stained glass artistry. Thanks for the tour.

Evening Light Writer said...

I adore the Blues, there is something so organic about it. No matter how many times I see it, I'm always transfixed by stained glass. Wonderful post, I enjoyed it.

Whoistin-tinandsnowy? said...

Hi! C.M.,
Thanks, for sharing!...C.M. said,"This is a copy of the original stained glass
at the Augsburg Cathedral, in Germany. Windows in this cathedral date back to the 12 th century."
Oh! yes, it's a very beautiful stain glass window!...just like I mentioned on subtorp77, blog...Yes,
I am an artist and I have worked in several medium and I must admit stain glass is one of the most beautiful medium to work with of the many medium(s)that I tried my "hands" at,but on a much smaller scale, but of course!

Btw, very interesting "mini" tour
of the glass shop!

Dcd ;-D

Anonymous said...

I just found a letter I thought I mailed to you (weeks ago) tucked into a notebook in my book bag. I feel I must get organized! I'm sure this letter has gone out walking with me dozens of times!


Avid Reader said...

I visited Fort Wayne in another Theme Thursday posting... I would love to learn to make stained glass but I am not crafty.

Kris McCracken said...

That's one good looking dude.

Baino said...

Gorgeous window, I wonder if it's 'thickened' at the bottom over the ages. Very cool combo of pictorial and sound.

CocoDivaDog said...

Hello Coff,
Just like Ronda Laveen, I forgot all about this bit of stained glass I have here in my own house.
Your blog is always a visual treat.

Coffee Messiah said...

subT: He may only be there when he's not on the road.

rhonda: Sounds beautiful and how cool to have a piece by your mom!

candi: Thanks.......

willow; )

rlb: No, I never got to Augsburg
; (

edward: Hi ya, and Thanks.

kimy: Yes on the woodcuts and the place is still there, although the blues club per se, closed a year before we did and they both, sadly, ended up going their own separate ways ; (

marianna: Thanks!

dakota: Sounds really nice and am sorry I didn't visit more of Europe back in the day, when $$$ went somewhere and was worth something.

ve: We all have the blues at some time or another ; )

brian: Thanks for stopping by.

e: Thanks.....

colette: Cheers!

megan: As the kids say: Whatever

dot-com: Thanks.

cafeP: Great stuff, Thanks!

mrs: Thanks for stopping by. Hope to get around soon.

merle: Thanks for looking!

evening: Nothing but the blues and Thanks for stopping by. I will too, soon.

dcd: I hope to see some of your work one day ; )

squirrel: I like the randomness of what you do ; )

avid: I bet you are ; )

kris: It's great isn't it.

baino: Thanks for stopping by.

auntie: Thanks ; )

C. L. DeMedeiros said...

Awesoooooooome blog

but I need my morning coffee now


Anonymous said...

Freakin' cool harp!

And the stained glass took my wandering mind back to the Winchester Mystery House!

Cuppa Jo said...

I really liked the stained glass window, loved the expression, so contemporary.

And your video of the shop window--very calming. I liked it.

tony said...

that is You in the relection.[?]

Coffee Messiah said...

cld: Thanks for stopping by!

hG9: Ha, ha....he's good, is he not? You know, I managed to stay away from the MMH and Hearts Castle, even though while at the paper we could get a discount! Discount, they should have let us in Free ; )

cj: Thanks 4 that! ; )

tony: Musta been a ghost ; )

CocoDivaDog said...

Hi Coffee,
Good morning. This comment is off-topic...
Have you seen this video clip yet? I came across it at Aunty Tech's blog. It's at

Squirrel said...

decided to come back over here and listen to Bill while I made my (I just lost an hour of sleep) Sunday morning cafe Americano.

Coffee Messiah said...

auntie: That was a great link, thanks 4 sharing it!

squirrel: You're welcome anytime, U know ; )

Anonymous said...

All your posts are very creative. enjoyed viewing them.

Coffee Messiah said...

vinita: Thanks for stopping by!