Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what a world

photo: detroit publishing 1900 (mississippi river)
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we are one drop


we are an ocean

Ryunosuke Satoro


Ooops, can the naysayers
be right, no global warming?
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Nothing seems to be as it seems
in the work place or anywhere
else these days ; (


tut-tut said...

I wish we all realized this! Hi, CM. Hope you are well.

Whoistin-tinandsnowy? said...

Hi! C.M.,
What a "reflective" quote about the ocean and interesting quotes.
Also, a very interesting story, website,and music too!

Thanks, for sharing!
Deedee ;-D

Tess Kincaid said...

The paddle wheeler on the right looks like the Sultana.

Together we ARE an ocean!

R.L. Bourges said...

big river, it keep on rollin'. The story told by the folks of Newtok, Alaska is the same that happened to several Inuit villages in Northern Qu├ębec. If the warming isn't global, it's certainly getting hot locally up North!

Great collage. Hand across the border, and all that good stuff, cm.

Tom said...

seems like depending who you are, what you believe, and how you spin the facts...scary.

Coffee Messiah said...

t & t: Hello and Thanks for stopping by.

dcd: Thanks for taking a look/listen.

willow: Yes, on the ocean part, and the boat is actually the "Belle of Calhoun."

rlb: It's hard to believe with actual photographs of the polar icecaps through the years, that people would still deny reality
; (

tom: Those are the buzz words of the last how many years? Yet, it continues.
"Spin the facts" Grrrrr ; (

Candie said...


Dakota Bear said...

Yes,together we are an ocean.

It's hard to believe people can't accept global warming. I think I saw a couple years ago that an entire island in the Pacific was disappearing.

Enjoyed the song as well.

Kurt said...

You said it!

ArtSparker said...

Let's get those guys out from the smoke-filled rooms and into the open so we can see what they're doing.

Brian Miller said...

nothing seems to be as it seems...nice. love the quote as well.

Dot-Com said...

So true. We need everyone else to really matter.

Merle Sneed said...

We are woefully unprepared to deal with what we don't understand.

New Yorker wannabes said...

This is one powerful post...

so many things going wrong right now and so many things we got to do. Hope we realise the seriousness of the matter soom, before it's too late :(

Take care

Dogs by Bri said...

Love the drops and ocean analogy. Your one of a kind Coffee Hound is on it's way.


Coffee Messiah said...

cb: )

dakota: It's crazy, isn't it?

kurt: Thanks.

artspark: Sadly, it'll never happen, but I guess ya never know. Let's hope.

brian: Thanks.

dc: It's that simple, why doesn't it work? ; (

merle: You said it.

marianna: Seems after all these years you'd think we'd get it, but woefully, many don't ; (

bri: Hi! I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks and am looking forward to it. Cheers!

Squirrel said...

I like the quote very much, it makes so much sense.

It's sadly important for some folks to think they are a bigger more important drop than the other drops.

Anonymous said...

Once again I love the collage. A very cathartic medium, I think. The clasped hands make me think of the tombstone device where male and female hands join.

Anonymous said...

u have alwez been different n creative.. no words for the quote,it add other drop to the ocean of ur talent"
hats off,keep going

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

Illusions all over the place, CM. It gets tough to wade through the BS at times. Like your collage.

e said...

Love the collage, music and link. You rock!

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: Strange, isn't it?

hR9: Thanks and will have the video up either by the end of the week or over the weekend ; )

gopul: Thanks so much. You're too kind!

simstone: Yep, too many to keep track of ; (

e: Hope you're feeling better and Thanks for your kindness.