Thursday, June 25, 2009

two beans in a pod


A coffee bean that develops to more than
twice it's normal size. This happens when
two beans get cozy with one another and
grow together. Sadly, they break apart
during the roasting process.

from: Fantastic Fables, Ambrose Bierce 1898


California Girl said...

Interesting definition and I like the fable that follows. Your posts are never ordinary.

Merle Sneed said...

Funny fable. Interesting post, as always, my friend.

mum said...

I like the way Ambrose Pierce's mind works. Must read his fables.

Didn't know that about coffee beans. Is the man in the Sunbeam ad drinking a cup made from one of those beans? Or is he tasting a cup of what Edward Abbey describes in your new header to the comment section?

Nice song. I like the way McIlwaine vocalizes.

cheers from Graulhet.

Candie said...

Great fable!

mum said...

ps: after reading about 'bullhead beans' on your blog, I remembered we were having our annual bull festival over here tomorrow - no, not 'bull' as in made-up stories, as in the live kind. Pics tomorrow on Ici Graulhet!

Anonymous said...

I learn something new, just about every time I visit, C.M. And like the song, as well. Cheers!

Kurt said...

Ah, Ambrose Bierce. One day I will read that book of his civil war writings that I bought ten years ago or so.

lettuce said...

i'm having trouble getting my brain around this one - but liked the
"appliances for receiving instruction"

Spadoman said...

Been on a Malabar kick lately. Also the Yemen has been quite tasty. What do you think of iced coffee for a summertime drink? I've been just doing iced Americano.

No fable here, just caffeine addiction at its finest. You doing any traveling? Getting up North at all?


Anonymous said...

haha. love the abbey quote! so true, if its not done right, coffee can ruin the experience completely.

interesting fable!! :)

Whoistin-tinandsnowy? said...

Hi! C.M.,
I have to agree...with the other commenters...
...nice coffee banner,
nice definition of the word Bullhead (A coffee beans
that is oversized?!?)...
nice fable and most definitely,
nice sounds(music).
Thanks, as usual for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to catch up one of these days.