Tuesday, August 04, 2009

definately what

La Luna Cafe, Gastown, Vancouver Canada

Not sure if this cafe is still there.......


When stuck in the river,

it is best to dive and swim to the bank yourself

before someone drops a large stone on your chest

in an attempt to hoosh you there.



What a day........it started with a co-worker mentioning
Fox News and how they tell it like it is.

The day went downhill from there.

That's the one difference I notice more and more
between here and the west coast, people will at least
debate and be a bit more open, here, it's feels like
most people want to stay in a comfortable box, without
looking outside and taking notice of other possibilities.

Brian Auger and The Trinity - 1968
Day In The Life


ArtSparker said...

Could it be the climate? Yikes.

Megan said...

Tell it like it is?!? Like it is where? On Mars?


Coffee Messiah said...

artS: We always heard in our store: We've always been like this and always will be ; ( I think it's a lack of awareness that life outside of these little towns exists ; )

megan: Health care was the topic and I retorted that although more repubs have taken $$$$ from the health care system to get their votes, there were also a number of dems. She didn't believe it, since she didn't hear it on fox ; (

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M.,

Nice photograph of the...
La Luna Cafe, located in Gastown, Vancouver Canada
Nice quotes by...
Eeyore, and
Sandra Carey.
Nice Music by...
Brian Auger and The Trinity.

Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

femminismo said...

Hmmm - where are you? Small town? It would be downhill from Fox News. Jeanne in Oregon

Kurt said...

I miss the west coast.

Anonymous said...

C.M., on the east coast( particularly Massachusetts ), everybody seems to want to debate an issue, but it turns into more of a criticism forum. From what I've seen and heard( through observation ), there are two basic groups: Group A-justs sits there agreeing or not; while Group B has to make his/her voice heard no matter who'll listen or not...

I shy away from the media( call it a self-imposed boycott )...it's 99% speculation and 1% fact....

California Girl said...

It's that mid-western thing, salt of the earth, don't impinge on others so much. I always liked the mid-western relatives in my mother's very large Indiana family. I loved the Chicagoans too. Always wanted to live there. Nice nice folk.

Love the lines about Fox News. Ha!

Coffee Messiah said...

dd:Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well.

fem: Yes, the nearest larger town is 45 minutes away. Actually, there are more open people in this town than the other 2 we've lived in. But we all hide it seems ; ) Thanks for stopping by.

kurt: Me too, if only it weren't so expensive and poor ; (

subT: You're right about the media, although stories like MJ seem to have legs of their own and never stop ; ( No real news to help us as a society, that's for sure.

cg: Hey, I'm not knocking the people, just the lack of thinking and being a bit more open, er, a lot more open.

robin andrea said...

I can't even watch clips of Fox News on other shows, like the Daily Show, when they're making the point of how insane Fox News is. That people listen, believe, and act chills me to the bone.

Tom said...

that's funny you should have posted that Eeyore quote, as I just finished reading the Pooh book last night...delightful stuff.
And I hope that cafe is still there...looks like a great place to sit with a cup.

Coffee Messiah said...

robin: I'm all for reading/watching whatever you want, but to take it, and that especially as gospel, well, ya know ; (

tom: Have you read the Tao Of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff? I read WTP much differently after that. It's so good, I've read it many times since.
Thanks for coming by.