Friday, August 28, 2009

speaking freely

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paul & i at the donut shop


Age is an issue

of mind over matter.

If you don't mind,

it doesn't matter.

Mark Twain

We met Paul, when he was the first person
to cross the threshold of our coffeehouse
on Halloween, 1999. He asked if he could
leave some subversive material for reading
and we became good friends right away.

He brought publications like the Nation,
Molly Ivons and many others.

He has now turned 86 and aside from
living with prostate cancer for many years,
he is now dealing with skin cancer.

I hadn't seen him for quite awhile and was
glad to find him at home. He started talking
about all the hoop la and misinformation
being spread around the country, due to,
although many people will not admit it, fearing
finally having an African American President.

Since we agree on most things, what could
I say, except I wish I were really stupid
and ignorant, because none of it makes any sense.
There is no other way
people would
accept others carrying guns out in the
open (this has never been done with
any other sitting president). And it's very
disturbing and embarrassing to see adults
talking about "freedoms" yet there they
are yelling at others, not letting them talk,
and not letting them choose themselves.
(I know people can carry concealed weapons,
but lately, they have had them out at
public events which in the past
would have had you arrested ASAP)

Going backwards is not what I
anticipated as I got older ; (


Anonymous said...

Very handsome. Somehow your head looks coffee cup esque to me... lol.

Megan said...

Yeah. Sigh.

That said, you do look quite fetching in that photo!

Tess Kincaid said...

How does Paul feel having an alien as a friend?

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,

Thanks, for sharing!
The picture, and the picture of
Paul and you, at the donut shop.
I'am sorry! to hear that he is battling cancer, but it's nice to know that he is still fighting
Nice quote by Mark Twain...I will listen to sounds on my way out of the door.
Nice avatars...Megan and Willow!
Nice comments too! LOL!!!!

DeeDee ;-D

Unknown said...

My blessings to Paul. And, of course, to you, too, dear friend.

I certainly remember "We'll Sing In The Sunshine."

Candace said...

What a nice picture and how handsome you two fellas are! And I do like that More Coffee in Our Coffee poster. lol. Hope your friend does well as time goes hippity hop.

I was very lucky to have seen Gale Garnett sing her heart out back in '65 when I was really just a kid. A birthday present from my much older brother who retires this week... he worked till he was almost 70 so he could "afford" retiring.
What's wrong with _that_ picture?

sigh, I do love coming by here, Coffee.
Take care.
Candace in Athens.

Anonymous said...

C.M., I do remember the Garnett song but this song link wouldn't load up :( Gotta love the Twain quote( one of the many I live by )

And I'll jump in and somewhat agree with Paul on this. But as far as guns out in the open; 'twas done for quite some time, especially in the 19th century, wot? We're not fully in the back, as yet...unless there have been some "duels" I'm not privy to...

David G said...

Hey, Coffee, you might as well get used to the idea that growing older does mean going backwards!

I apologize for breaking it to you but forewarned is forearmed.

Hope the world is being kind to you, my friend and that you're enjoying every moment of every day!

Kindest regards.

Coffee Messiah said...

em: That's what happens when you enjoy coffee 2 much ; )

megan: Damn, I wish I looked this good then ; )

willow: We both feel like aliens with the attitudes in our area ; (

dd: Paul is not worried, but is getting tired and somewhat slow and forgetful. I hadn't seen him in quite awhile, but he didn't think it had been that long ; (

nick: Hey Thanks and hope all is well with you too .

candace: Hey, Thanks for your comment and for stopping by. Sadly, it appears we'll all be working until we die as it looks now. Yes, very sad, but we may be on the same road as your brother
; ( I'm sure life is not supposed to be like this.

subT: Well, I meant to say at public speeches and even outside presidential speeches like a few weeks ago. Any other time these people would have been hauled off to jail. And with public officials in the past being assassinated, it's simply bs they're getting away with it now, because of Obama ; (

david g: Hello my friend. I know you go backwards as you get older, and I do know you are dying once you are born, but the attitudes, the attitudes are going backwards that's what's scary ; (

And we're trying to do our best and enjoying the moment and hope that you are doing well too!!!


Lisa Ursu said...

"And it's very disturbing and embarrassing to see adults
talking about "freedoms" yet there they are yelling at others, not letting them talk,and not letting them choose themselves."
Well said.
Thanks for this post.

California Girl said...

Yes, I remember that song. High school for me.

I must be somewhat in denial because until I read your post just now, I have been blocking out the "guns in public" thing. I have heard it before, here and there, but not as much as one would expect if it is very prevalent.

Is the national media ignoring this? It's big news.

I'm deathly afraid of guns. Call it a phobia, call it good sense. Why in the world are we not up in arms over this?

mum said...

ha. I see you're mentioning the gun issue. Can't think of a single smart thing to say about it.

Love the collage. I hope your friend Paul fares as well as can be.

I don't remember this particular song, but "We'll sing in the sunshine " - at my age, who could forget that one?

best to you and yours.

Celeste Maia said...

As a friend said the other night "guns are the cancer of American society", and it is so true. My last entry touches on the subject.
I enjoyed the photo of Paul and and you, so glad to finally "see" your face...hahaha!
Loved that song too, and the terrific poster.

Merle Sneed said...

That is quite a photo. I confess that I remember Gale Garnett well. A sign of being quite old!

e said...

I love the photo and I'm also sorry to hear your friend is dealing with cancer. I so wish the country would change, stop living in fear and have the kinds of discussions and interactions that lead to understanding and positive change. Carrying guns, especially unconcealed weapons harkens back to scarier times in the south particularly. I've always thought guns should be outlawed, believed in socialised medicine, free education and equal rights. I must be an alien, too.

Nicholas Garcia (Nick) said...

I think mark twains'quote is great. I thourghly enjoy his writing. I don't think I've read anybody elses work ,that made me think and laugh at the same time. Except for maybe Kurt Vonnegut.

As far as toting guns, we are quite used to that living in Arizona. It's illegal to conceal a weapon. It must be in plain sight. Now if you go into a public place resturant,bar etc. you are required to check it with the owner. nick

Coffee Messiah said...

liza: What can you say? I don't understand the reasoning or lack of what they twist anymore.

cg: It's been all over cable when they've had the town halls. There were two locally, hours I was working and from what I read, which surprised me, it appears most people speaking out want the Obama plan. But the representative doesn't. I thought he works for us?????

mum: She made 2 albums with this group and have to admit, I never heard these either, but I like them.

celeste: A cancer, yes ; ( I've always wondered why anyone really needs a gun and especially to tote it around during the day interacting with others.

merle: A sign of being old? Hardly ; )

e: Equal rights? That's the rub, for all the moral speak, no one wants that, go figure ; (

nik: You can't beat Twain, but Kurt is up there and he was a hoosier, which surprises me, although he did live in NY. I'm reading some of his books now. I remember when I first moved here and saw a guy walking from his vehicle with a rifle into some wooded area. Yikes, if that had happened in Ca he would have been arrested. I still can't get used to it ; (

Anonymous said...

if u dont mind , it doesnt matter...... :) niiice!

Coffee Messiah said...

lime: Yes, strange that so many seem to want life to stay as it always has been ; (

mouse (aka kimy) said...

mark twain nailed it in that quote!

hey, though I like the pic (quell creative) I'd love to see you sans cuppa!!

I don't know what the stats are by I expect if a man makes it to 86 the chances are extremely high that he will have prostate cancer...that's not to dismiss it, but it does seem a fact of life...on the bright side it is very rare that the condition will do one in...although it does make like uncomfortable.

some folk get more conservative with age and some more progressive.... it's always quite interesting (though not always heartening) to see....

Coffee Messiah said...

kimy: Paul had his prostate taken out way back when, and now he wish he hadn't. But that was then. He was blacklisted in the 50s in S Ca in his teaching job, and ended up teaching in Guam until he retired. Uh, he's far from conservative ; )