Saturday, September 12, 2009

alice and the linotype printer

ArtSparkTheater once sent a group of Alices to
interested people to use in settings

for others to see.

I understand this is her last week
these and mine follows,
although as you
will see,
she could only be used
the opening scene.

Alice Down The Rabbit Hole - Dali

Dali etchings
Circa 1969

Mad Hatters Tea Party - Dali

Queens Croquet - Dali

I posted about Clarence and his wife,
Barbara who has since died of breast cancer
back in Sept '07.

He was a traditional printer at a
local paper many years before he retired.
He has, since retiring, found and refurbished
old presses to make his space what
he now loves the most.

2nd to Barbara of course!


lettuce said...

how great that the machines are being kept and cared for, i enjoyed the vid.

and the Dali prints are fab, i've not seen them before

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M.,
Thanks, for sharing...The very nice Alice in Wonderland Prints...

...and The very interesting
video...focusing on Clarence, maintaining and caring for old presses.(I'am so sorry to hear the news about his wife Barbara.)

Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

lettuce: Thanks, and until I looked around, I was caught by surprise by Dali too.

dd: Thanks for stopping by. Like most older couples, they've been together since way back when, so his machinery now keeps him occupied, and his voracious reading.

mum said...

I just watched that video half a dozen times. What a gorgeous piece of equipment. My best to Clarence. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the work coming off that linotype.

Dali: hm... I still like Teniel's take on Alice better :-)

As for the Lewis Carroll quote - maybe Alice should flip a coin (or two, or three) :-)

cheers, cm.

California Girl said...

Hello CM! My husband was involved in the print business (via direct mail marketing) for many years. He sent me on press checks to keep the printer on track via color correction, imaging, etc. and it was quite an education. I find the process fascinating but it's going the way of computers.

Tom said...

such a tremendous contraption! All the bits and pieces...perfect Alice setting!

Merle Sneed said...

CM, that is a fabulous machine. Thanks for the video.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great post! and some new artful alices

nothing like old printing machines

sad that susan is ending the alice has been fun!

tis sad to lose a beloved mate sounds as if clarence have found a good way to direct his energy and found some comfort following his printing passion

Coffee Messiah said...

mum:Although computers seem to be taking everything over, as far as printing, nothing compares and has the control these printers have, especially with fonts, style and control.
I should have realized many people have interpreted Alice in the art world. They're all interesting though.

cg: That's interesting. I see a resurgence of these machines for those who want a lasting, natural and controlled look and feel to their work. Remember, young people eventually bring back everything we've seen, used and lived through ; )

tom: I figured some of your work has been reflected by looking at machinery in detail.

merle: Hey, Thanks for looking!

mouse: It sounded like she sent out more than contributed ; (
He always spent as much time as he could with his printing machines, now he has more.

tony said...

Clarence Treats The Press with Love & Care......Alice is in a perfect setting.
Nothing Goes As Long As We Remember.

Bee said...

I took Alice to Oxford, but this is an interesting journey, too! I've never seen one of these old printers in action.

BTW, I didn't realize that Dali had done an "Alice" series -- although it makes perfect sense. I visited his "Theatre-Museum" in Figueres this summer; also, Gala's Castle in Pubol.

Anonymous said...

If anyone needs help with their Alice works, you can find me at:

Anonymous said...

Great post! Alice, Dali, and the linotype press. All fits amazingly well.
Add me to the list of those who hadn't seen Dali's Alice before, too.
I especially enjoyed the way Clarence so lovingly putzes around oiling and wiping the machine.

CiCi said...

I so enjoyed Alice In Wonderland and introduced it to my children as well. Very nice drawings in this post. My husband worked in printing to supplement his guitar work for many years. I will show him this machine.

Coffee Messiah said...

tony: It's his baby, to be sure.

bee: Thanks for stopping by and wish I could see that part of the world. It has eluded me so far ; (

anon: Thanks for taking a peek, but you should have left UR name.

decker: Hey, long time no see. That's what I thought too when I ran across them for the 1st time.

techno: Thanks for stopping by and sounds like a good combination: guitar and printing ; )

Spadoman said...

Clarence, and people like him, are very very special.


David G said...

The Mad Hatters Tea Party - isn't that what they call the formal dinner that occurs when the G20 get together?

Our world leaders, collectively, are a motley lot. They explain why our world is in such a mess!

Take care, my friend. You are an inspiration!

Megan said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of machinery and its charming caretaker.

I hope we get to see more of both at some point.

Au revoir, Alice!

Coffee Messiah said...

spado: Hey Thanks and nice to see you around!

david g: And so it goes, eh?! Thanks for stopping by.

megan: Thanks for stopping by.