Monday, October 05, 2009

coffee and repartee............

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I had an idea someone would know and am

surprised mum that you knew. Not sure
why, but am grateful a few are familiar with
Bangs anyway. Houseboat was written in 1886
and the Pursuit of The Houseboat was published
in 1887. Any of his books are worth reading and
can be found very cheap these days.
The Coffee book was published in 1900.

Charles Erskine Scott Wood published this book in
1927. Taken from stories he published in an old
magazine called The Masses, he mocked, er,
satirized the goings on in his day.
He's one of my favorite authors and is worth
seeking out, although his books are hard to find.

I've been getting ready to re-read these two books,
and wondered if anyone knows the titles and
has read them also?

1st is from the late 1800s,
the other from 1927.


Anonymous said...

Not...a...clew! Tho' the illo in the second seems familiar.

The first one looks out of place, as far as the cast assembled...

Likin' the Bulwer-Lytton quote and always up for the Bosstones :)

Coffee Messiah said...

subT: I thought maybe you'd read them, although the pictures aren't much of a clue really.
When I was at the paper, I met a guy who had an old bookstore and he had books literally piled every which way. He said I should read this book and would go to a pile, go right to the book and hand it to me. We became fast friends and have read many obscure titles because of him.

Skybridge Studios said...

Nicely done... JKB!

Anonymous said...

C.M., I wish I could remember just 10% of the books I've read, over the years( I've still quite a few piles yet to go )...the illos don't stand out. Hmmmm...

Tess Kincaid said...

The first one is A House Boat on the Styx. No clue on the second one.

Anil P said...

The first time I've seen the illustrations. The second one is so apt, almost as if "we need to be saved from ourselves".

mum said...

The first is Houseboat on the Styx but I've never read it.

The second: I have no idea (but that seriously limits admission, doesn't it? Plus, since we don't know how the house committe defines stupidity, maybe we should just stay away from heaven altogether.) :-)

cheers, cm.

Kurt said...

Haven't read either, but the second one looks interesting.

Coffee Messiah said...

sb: Of course you know ; )

subT: These books are so old, but the 1st one is more well known than the second.

willow: Why am I not surprised you know?!

anilP: There's a lot of truth in your comment and Thanks for stopping by! I need to stop by India this week ; )

mum: I assume you've read the "pursuit" and his other books too?

kurt: That book is Heavenly Discourse by Charles Erskine Scott Wood. Remember Steve Allens "Meeting Of The Minds" books? These were written first and have historical figures debating among each other. If you can find a copy of Erskines book, it's a good read.

ArtSparker said...

Those book covers are beautiful.

Coffee Messiah said...

artS: They sure don't make them like this anymore, do they? !