Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The coffee plant's white flowers
look like orange blossoms,
smell of jasmine,
and last but a few days.

There are too many ideas floating in my
head, as to how I want my first little
book to turn out. Of course, to continue
to look at other works, is an intimidating
factor, to be sure. I too, am waiting for a
stamp to be made with an old design, to
use with my name.......


ArtSparker said...

A familiar feeling , the clamoring of ideas wanting to see the light of day.

layers said...

I was just emailing with another artist today about how sometimes there is just too much stimuli-- especially for a mixed media artist like myself-- too many distractions-- and sometimes-- too many fabulous artists-- around me- almost freezing me instead of spurring me to get busy-- all I can say is:
get to work :-)

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Nice, honest thoughts by Mercedes Blanco and nice sounds too!
Thanks,for sharing!

Tess Kincaid said...

Sweet anticipation!

robin andrea said...

Your remind me that many years ago Roger and I had a coffee tree in the house. We had it for years, and it flowered and set fruit. We collected a few beans from it that we never roasted, but saved them and admired them from time to time.

Coffee Messiah said...

artS: or the light of day, clamoring for ideas ; )

layers: It's always good to see what others do, but for me, it messes with the one idea I start with and ends up going somewhere else. I'm sure once I get a few going, I wont be looking back.

dd: Hello and Thanks for stopping by.

willow ; )

robin: I remember when you wrote about the tree. Great you harvested a few beans. Hope all is well for you and Roger there in the High Sierras!

Anonymous said...

so as part of the honeymoon, one of the holidays we took was at a coffee estate. thought of u!

:) hope ur doing good.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Let it digest and 'percolate' and back out it will come!

Anil P said...

Before the ideas fit in, there'll be much churning.

Eventually an instinct will show the way.

zencomix said...

Have you ever tried coffee from the Philippines? Great stuff!

Co-Op 360 Editor said...

Hey Dad, came across this and thought of you. Its really amazing. Hope everything is good!


Sam Juliano said...

Hey, I now find myself thinking of this place everytime I indulge in a cup, which roughly is once a day in the morning. But the processing of ideas into something tangible is never an easy task. There is something disarming about relaxing with a cup, and it revitalizes the thought process.

David G. said...

Ah, Coffee, I have written several books. It is a daunting experience but also exciting.

Thoughts from your mind will find approval. Your thinking is unique yet somehow universal.

Good luck, friend, on your perilous venture.

Coffee Messiah said...

l&l: Wowee, ya did it = Congratulations! and you've now been somewhere I still haven't ; )

h & h: Oh yes, percolating it is ; )

anil p: Yes, silence brings everything out!

zen: No, tell me about it???? What do you suggest?

ian: Wow, they are a powerful group and both songs were excellent. Thanks for passing it along. BTW, a package will leave here Monday 4 U!

sam: Thanks for sharing that. Once one forgets the concept of time, it all comes to fruition. Thanks for stopping by!

david: Wish I could read one of your books, as I expressed a few years ago. Luckily for me, it's not a written book, 'cause then I'd surely be laughed at ; (
Hope all is well and Thanks for your kind words!