Sunday, March 07, 2010

madness and dizzy duck

Living here, miles away from a large city,
jobs, 10 years ago were pretty hard to find,
and as we all know today, harder now, due to
so many out of work, and jobs shipped overseas.

After we closed our coffeehouse of 4 yrs, I worked
a brief 2 years at a Starbucks, 45 minutes away.

My experience = here

During that time, the CD below was pulled:

click to enlarge

There was a CD we could play, 6 hrs of interesting
Blues music. Although the young ones didn't care
for it, 2X a week on my shift, they let me play it,
and people coming in enjoyed it too, which was a
surprise to us all.

Then the above memo was sent around, and we
were supposed to throw away the above CD,
due to one of the songs.

Can you guess what it was?

what kind of p
Now recently, they made themselves vulnerable,
due to letting people with guns, into their stores.

Dispose of a CD, but
let people with guns in their stores?

Story here


ArtSparker said...

It's go a great illustration on the cover.

Tom said...

interesting song. Well, i'm not really into starbucks or guns, so it's all good with me.

zencomix said...

Broke and Ain't Got A Dime?

Anonymous said...


midnight special??
I love the world right now - here they have a move to censor all pics of semi nude breast showing women that have a cup size of a becuase it may look lke a young girl.

I am knitting a breats on radio today in protest. Yep, it's going to be visually stunning on air...

Anonymous said...




California Girl said...

First of all, which song was it? I looked at them all and don't see anything objectionable.

As for the guns in public laws changing, I am TOTALLY FREAKED OUT! If I enter a store & see someone packing a gun in a holster, I'll be outta there so fast. I hate guns. I fear guns. I fear people who feel the need, the entitlement to carry them. This is not funny.

Coffee Messiah said...

artS: Yes, it is a great package, all around.

tom: The song was written from a story Trudell saw in a paper. Kinda like what's going on today ; (

zen: Topical for today, but not the song.

grrl: Wow, that's funny, but prudish america is way back there on this too. And yes, they're the Wal Mart of coffee now, but weren't when they first opened, many years ago.

cg: With people getting upset about others carrying around guns and shooting people, and now they want it to happen anyway, well, it;s madness!

Anonymous said...

Not a Starbuck user...ever!

And I'm guessing either Howlin' Wolf or John Lee hooker ;)

Sam Juliano said...

Well, I won't venture to guess, but I am a big fan of MUDDY WATERS, and some of the others here like HOWLIN WOLF are great artists. This is a quite a post here, and I was thrilled to read of the Starbucks Experience, especially since I've always been fascinated by it's success story. I am no fan of Starbucks Coffee as it's too bitter even with extra artificial sweeteners. But there's no denying it's a mighty franchise, with so many outlets in Manhattan alone. Some stores are now even offering internet access.

This is one of this blog's great posts, blending together an entire "experience" and it's beautifully designed.

David G. said...

Starbucks, McDonalds and Coke: America's major contribution to the modern world along with atomic bombs and endless war.

You are a positive American contribution, Coffee. Could you clone yourself?

Take care, friend.

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

Snatch it back and hold it? I suppose that one could imagine a few different scenarios for that line.

Nicholas Garcia (Nick) said...

That double standard...If I ever display that type behavior somebody slap me.

Coffee Messiah said...

subT: Nice guess's but the artists weren't the problem.

sam: Once a business gets away from quality, and goes for quantity, well, that's when things go south. People will find out, sooner or later.

david: Yikes, a clone? Ya wouldn't want it, what with my own problems.
And yes, large corporations have been the death of society as we knew it. All around the world. Hope all is well with you and Thanks for popping by.

simstone: Ha, nice guess but no.

nik: It's all spinning out of control, it is ; (

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
The second image in the post that you linked kind of, remind me of artist E.C.Escher's...

C.M. said,"Then the above memo was sent around, and we
were supposed to throw away the above CD,due to one of the songs.
Can you guess what it was?"

I'am guessing because he used the term "high" and hit his wife in her eye?!? (As I shrug shoulders)

C.M., I was recently introduced to singer/songwriter John Trudell's
melodious heartbeat/drumbeat tunes?!? sounds through Canadian friends.

Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks for another fun and informative post. Just finished a home brewed soy mocha. Sipping and smilin'

Terrill Welch said...

I have no guess coffee messiah but it is a great discussion. What I really dropped by for was to give you a link I was gifted to a youtube coffee love song that made me think of you first thing... I think the younger crowd may have liked this one:)

all the best Terrill

Coffee Messiah said...

dd: For a company to take a stand on a song like this (although others on cds they have sold were as bad or worse) but relent on letting people with guns in their stores, with all the violence with guns lately, is appalling. If you haven't seen the Trudell documentary, you should if you can find it. We saw it in Chicago when it came out. I also saw him in SF. He's an amazing person and has been through a lot. Thanks for stopping by.

bri: Thanks for popping by. Keep meaning to ask, what kind of machine did you end up purchasing?

terrill: Thanks, had seen this awhile ago. Not sure about the song, but liked the video.

P11 said...


Coffee Messiah said...

cafeP: Thanks for stopping, looking and listening!

Georg said...

Bonjour Coffee,

Quite a long time I didn't have a look at your colorful blog.

You even changed the header and I like it. However, the old one was good, too. A pity, you cannot have both. I especially liked the dicton about coffee and life.

I wonder how you proceed to find all those meaningful pictures and photos.


Coffee Messiah said...

georg: Bonjour and long time no see. Thanks for stopping by. I scan for a living for now and always look for old photos, besides the collages I make.


Royal Cyclops said...

It would have to be the one about that, desperate little man with the truthful 44,John Hardy.

(From Wikipedia)

"John Hardy" is a traditional American folk song based on the life of a railroad worker in West Virginia. The historical John Hardy killed a man during a craps game, was found guilty of murder in the first degree, and was hanged on January 19, 1894. The song has been performed by Roscoe Holcomb, Leadbelly (Huddie William Ledbetter), the Carter Family, Tommy Jarrell, the Kingston Trio (who called it "Getaway John"), Bob Dylan, Silver Apples, Uncle Tupelo, The Gun Club, George Thorogood, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie (who called the song "Johnny Hart"), Jerry Reed, Tony Rice, Bill Frisell (both as a solo artist and with Petra Haden), Chris Smither, Martin Simpson, Buell Kazee, Burl Ives, Hugo Race & The True Spirit, banjo player Dock Boggs, and Austin Singer/Songwriter Michael Fracasso among others.

The first known recording is by Eva Davis on Columbia Records in 1924. As with other folk songs, lyrics change from version to version.

John Hardy - Lyrics:

John Hardy was a desperate little man
He carried two guns every day
He killed a man in a Shawnee camp
You ought to seen John Hardy gettin' away, poor boy
You ought to seen John Hardy gettin' away

John Hardy was standing at the barroom door
Showing no interest in the game
Up stepped a woman with a dollar in her hand
Saying, Deal John Hardy in the game, poor boy
Deal John Hardy in the game

John Hardy took that yellow gal's money
And then he began to play
Sayin', The man that wins my yellow gal's dollar
I'll lay him in his lonesome grave, poor boy
I'll lay him in his lonesome grave

John Hardy drew a four card straight
And the cowboy drew two a pair
John failed to catch and the cowboy won
And he left him sitting dead in his chair, poor boy
He left him sitting dead in his chair

John Hardy made for the Coalsburg train
So dark he could hardly see
Up stepped the constable and took him by the arm
Saying, Johnny won't you come and go with me, poor boy
Johnny won't you come and go with me

I've been to the East and I've been to the West
I've been this wide world around
I've been to the river and I've been baptized
And now I'm on my hanging ground, poor boy
Now I'm on my hanging ground

They took him to the scaffold high
They hung him there to die
The last words that John Hardy said
Was, "My forty-four never lies," poor boy
"My forty-four never lies."

PS: Love your stuff!!

Coffee Messiah said...

rc: Hey Thanks, but no, it was Big Bill Broonzeys "Nobodys Business."

Anyway, SB never knows when it has a good thing, but always hangs on the the bad stuff, go figure.

Thanks for the drive by.