Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The force with which

two lives come together.

Sometimes for evil,

sometimes for good.

voice over from the film: IMPACT


Sam Juliano said...

Ah Bill Haley and the Comets! Imortalized with ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK and SPLISH SPLASH, but with other little ditties like this, always a rollicking listen.

We're referring here Michael, to the 1949 film noir here, right?

Anonymous said...

Another cryptic reference?

I do like the graf on the corner walls though.

Coffee Messiah said...

sam: Yes, Impact the film.

grrl: Cryptic? Not to the person the post is 4 ; )

Skybridge Studios said...

Thanks, CM!! Left a note for you, too!

dennis said...

Dennis is perplexed but loves your artwork.

David G. said...

Inspirational as usual, Coffee!

On American Idol last week they said that 1 in 6 Americans didn't know where their next meal was coming from. Yet the spending of trillions on war goes on.

Priorities seem to be arse-backwards.

Coffee Messiah said...

skybridge ; )

dennis: Thanks 4 stopping by.

david: Er, what priorities? ; (

Co-Op 360 Editor said...

Hey Dad!

Been super busy at the Budweiser dept, but I came across this whilst doing paperwork. Its a really good song. Hope you like it. Talk to you soon!


Coffee Messiah said...

Ian: Thanks it's a beautiful piece. If you get a chance, check out the Smokey Bandits on myspace. I really like these guys. Hope all is well with you both!