Wednesday, July 07, 2010

art forms










A guitar, made with bits and pieces
of wood, found at the time,
by his father.

Just goes to show,
art comes in many forms

and age is never a barrier

in producing it


Mary said...

Things in fact get better with age.

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: Isn't it the truth?!

Terrill Welch said...

Loved that video... and I believe art is a forever thing though we may have to adjust our form as we go.

John said...

True folk art is all over isn't it. I am amazed how good the sound is. Thanks CM for sharing.

Coffee Messiah said...

terrill: Yes indeed!

john: World famous that family. There's a Bear Family collection I keep looking for, but they're not cheap. It's a great audio history and btw, I have a friend who makes cigar box guitars and uses all sorts of recycled items = they all sound great!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Cynthia Monica said...

Wow, what a cool guy! Thanks for posting I have not heard of Jimmy before and I loved the video...also what an amazing guitar!

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
So, true...So, true...Seneca's quote...Once again,
Thanks, for sharing the video too!

[Postscript: I plan to end you an email...later in the day.]
DeeDee ;-D

Gaby Bee said...

Loved watching that video. What a cool guy and his guitar is truly terrific!

Coffee Messiah said...

outside: Thanks for stopping by!

dd: Thanks and for stopping by!

gabby: Amazing to see, I think this is from a documentary about him. Thanks for stopping by!

layers said...

I do believe that nature is the basis for a lot of art forms-- and the medium should match the artist's expression-- not the other way around.

Coffee Messiah said...

layers: Am learning that and am in total agreement.