Sunday, January 30, 2011

english al jazeera

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I did not have any Egyptian photos, otherwise
that would have been the background for this collage.

After watching the protests in Egypt on
the english Al Jazeera through the
internet, I realize now more than ever
the sad limits of our news.

No commercials with stupid people
saying stupid things to buy products
you don't need. And also, not one interview
with anyone saying or responding in
stupid, negative answers.

We need help in many areas ourselves
these days - 


Tom said...

i wish dinosaurs were our biggest woes.

California Girl said...

Interesting you published this thought. I watched English Al Jazeera myself this afternoon after reading about the refusal of major U.S. cable companies to air it with the exception of a very few places. Link to the article:

Megan said...

I have been watching it as well and I will more often in future.

mouse (aka kimy) said...


Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M.,
I only watch or rather "listen" to International news on television.
C.M.said,"I realize now more than ever the sad limits of our news.
No commercials with stupid people saying stupid things to buy products you don't need.
And also, not one interview with anyone saying or responding in stupid, negative answers.

I agree with your comment here one-hundred percent.Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

tom: Glad to be no ones dinner though!

cg: Thanks and don't ya know! Have you seen this one:

megan: Hang in there kid!

mouse: )

dd: We're a nation of people who are more interested in things that have nothing to do with us personally, go figure ; (
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Coffee,
Just an update for your blogroll. Never Get Out Of The Boat REDUX is over here these days.

Thanks for all your kind support.

Coffee Messiah said...

willard: Thanks for the reminder and done! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Coffee. Maybe I shouldn't change addresses so often, eh? Watching Al Jazeera as we speak. Don't think those folks will be satisfied with the speech of the last few minutes. We'll see.

Coffee Messiah said...

willard: I'm sure not, since they're just words anyway ; (

David G. said...

Great to see you plugging Al Jazeera, Coffee. They provide a valuable service especially for news-starved Americans.

If Americans could become better informed about the world and their own Government, who knows what they might do?


tony said...

al jazeera's coverage has been first rate.It's the first time I,ve ever sat down and watchedit.
A Special Thanks to their reporters & camera people.Very Brave Folk Doing A Dangerous Job.

layers said...

a very true commentary on the state of our country and how we get our news

Coffee Messiah said...

david: It's been the only way to see anything relevant, and a great show of how the power we all really have, if we stand together, peacefully - I wish them the best!

tony: Me too and have been impressed and amazed, especially with all the new devices people can use to show what's really happening and how standing together as one can and will work -

layers: The Egyptians are amazing people and have taken MLKs words to heart and are making it work - although slowly and not without adversity.

Grammy said...

You are very creative. : )

Spadoman sent me this way. I found a site that I could visit for ever and see the world. This is the link
I think I spent a day looking at Egypt though there photos. This may be a place you can get them. Also There is a
Where people share images.

I will be giving thought to making a card for your mail art. Will let you know.


Coffee Messiah said...

grammy: Thanks for stopping by, the info and look forward to maybe seeing your submission - the more the better -Cheers!

Sam Juliano said...

Hope all is well my friend, and that the snow has kept it's distance at least comparatively speaking. I am wondering how Al Jazeera has been reporting the crisis in Egypt. Buffo post!

Coffee Messiah said...

Sam - I'm learning more about what's really happening around the world with English AlJazeera than I ever have before - Sunday there was a documentary about China and our recycled computers, which are causing cancer there, etc, etc -Fascinating - and the snow -it's cold and we're covered out here - Sounds like it's slowed for you there - Thanks for stopping by and will also later in the week - Cheers!

Sam Juliano said...

It has slowed indeed Michael, and temperatures are slowly reaching the 40's with massive snow piles being whittled down. I guess we all had our difficulties, which has often had us thinking of where we would be going for our summer vacations! Ha! Geez, that's frightening about the recycled computers causing cancer in China.

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks Sam! Our melt is almost gone, and the weather has been spring like, but more snow supposedly over the weekend and early next week -
The World has been one large disposal area and sadly the poor and impoverished have to pay for it ; (

P11 said...

Today I was talking with my wife about wrist watches, and she told me that the classic watches in some way were out of fashion, that is better now to buy cheap watches, so I reply her that someday changes will come and we won't have the need to buy more than we need, and she asked when? when USA system fall I reply.

Coffee Messiah said...

Recycling old things is a good thing and they are made better than the throw away things made today -
As for anything here, we can only hope!
Thanks for stopping by L - Cheers!