Friday, November 08, 2013

Week 25 - # 180, Collaboration w/ Paul Hawkins

My old man’s a dustman
My old manatee’s a dux
My old mandala’s a dyke
My old mandible’s a dynamo
My old mandril’s a dysentery
My old manganese’s a dyspepsia
My old manger’s an eagle
My old mangrove’s an earl
My old mannikin’s an easel
My old mannequin’s an ecclesiastic

Paul Hawkins

This week is an Oulipo constraint for a poem -
where you start with a line, then using any dictionary,
replace each noun with the next noun (in this case the third one)
to throw out some different and unusual meaning....
then do the same from line 2,
until you get to the end (however many lines you chose...)

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