Friday, December 12, 2014

Jiva Coffee Cubes

I was recently sent this batch of
Jiva Coffee Cubes to try.

Since we are always curious about
anything coffee, we were pleasantly
surprised by this product from a
couple of young folks in Florida,
who started with a Kickstarter
funding project.

Forget SB's Via, if you want instant,
for camping or traveling, you can't
go wrong with these - some hot
water and you're off.

They are made with Colombian coffee,
and unrefined cane sugar.

We weren't able to try any of the other
products to compare (strong black)
might fit our tastes better and hope to
try that at some point soon.

They also offer flavored coffee cubes,
chocolate and lemonade.

Green tea is soon to be offered
and would look forward to trying
that one also.

Check out Jiva Coffee Cubes on FB,
check out their website here:

Jiva Coffee Cubes

and if you do try them out,
they have small packets of
4 cubes for $5.00 in order
to decide if it's what
would suit you.

Try them out and let them know
where you heard about them.

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