Monday, August 20, 2007



Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thanks for the few minutes of diversion!

Anonymous said...

That's how I was sleeping last night.

raffi said...

"i am not a number, i am a free man!" great show. i've been told, in my dreams, that i'm number eight. i think you're number seven.

Larry said...

This got my attention!

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Awesome photo! :)

Wow! Thanks!

Frederick said...

You know that only one post at a time is showing? Good tunes, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Love Dali's vision!

Coffee Messiah said...

hawk: Thanks for taking the time!

fairlane: You too?

raffi: But who's #1?

larry: Hmmmm

s-q: You're welcome.

fred: By choice. Will eep you soon.

mark: He must've been quite interesting to be around.

mirth said...

Whoa...The Prisoner is most excellent! So is the Dali and the Paxton.

Glad I stopped in for this.

RubyShooZ said...

Thanks once again Mr. Messiah -

Where's the rest of the posts? I want them all!


Peace, love and understanding.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I guess that I'm just dumb, I don't get the photo, though I did listen to the one audio clip.

I only saw one problem though with the clip about the number and the reference of being free.

We all have a number. It's the Nazi version called the SS number you have too have to work.

God Bless.

LET'S TALK said...

And here I thought I was number eight!
Great music and photo Coffee.

Daniel said...

Coffee, have you been smoking those funny cigarettes again?

Anyway, I've seen your soul, both of them. Cheers

enigma4ever said...

the music was nice and I have never heard that was a treat..really liked the 2nd tune...
the picture I am sure is beautiful...but for some reason reminds me of CT/MRI scans...( I am too medical for my own good...sorry)

enigma4ever said...

BTW you have been busy over here is lovely...even a "new " photo....very inspiring...

raffi said...

hey, it looks like you've been promoted to number one... check my blog for the details :)

Alexys Fairfield said...

Magnificent! You and the picture.

Michael Bains said...

Now THAT is cool!


I'm 43, by the way. Go figure...


Coffee Messiah said...

mirth: Thanks for stopping by.

ruby: Thanks. Like everything else around us, I'm downsizing! ; (

anon: Not dumb......the clip is "anti" numbering!

let's talk: Thanks!

daniel: Not likely! ; )

e4e: Now that you mention it, it kind of does.

raffi: Thanks, although I'll never be #1 and wouldn't want to! ; )

alexys: Don't know about that either, but thanks!

mb, er, 43.....Thanks! ; )

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