Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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A friend had sent this to me from S. Ca
to N. Ca. When it arrived, the delivery person
told me that this should have been covered,
because someone could have stolen the $$$$.

There was a time you could send all sorts of
crazy things in the mail, with nary a worry.

I have a feeling it's not the way today!

M S Escher

Who brought the bomb wrapped in
business cards and stained with steak?
Who hires a maid to wash his money?
Who keeps politicians on the take?
Who puts outspoken third-worlders
in jail just to shut them down?
Oh the lies vary from place to place but the truth is
still the same, even in this town

Money junkies all over the world
trample us on their way to the bank
They run in every race

Third Worlders see it first: the dynamite, the dozers,
the cancer and the acid rain
The corporate caterpillars come into our backyards
and turn the world to pocket change
Reservations are the nuclear frontline;
uranium poisoning kills
We're starving in a handful of gluttons
We're drowning in their gravy spills

Their tongues are silver forks
There's a lack of wisdom,
you can hear it on their breath

It's delicate confronting these priests of the golden bull
They preach from the pulpit of the bottom line
Their minds rustle with million dollar bills

You say Silver burns a hole in your pocket
and Gold burns a hole in your soul
Well, Uranium burns a hole in forever
It just gets out of control

There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile
He raised a crooked sixpence to hide a crooked style
He won a crooked vote and smiled a crooked smile

Their tongues are silver forks
There's a lack of wisdom,
you can hear it on their

Buffy Sainte Marie - 1991

(Note: the Windego monster to Cree people is like the
Vampire is in Europe; it's a metaphor for mindless greed
that cannibalizes indiscriminately for the satisfaction of only itself.)

What can you ever say about any of this anymore?


LET'S TALK said...

The song is great with M S Esher's 1956 Lithograph, I love it!

Daniel said...

I reckon that the top photograph is how the bottom one will end up if America doesn't get rid of George soon!

Time for action, guys and gals.

robin andrea said...

A great piece of music. I haven't heard Buffy Saint Marie in a long time. Chilling lyrics and incredibly prescient.

earlbo said...

CM great song and interesting myth about the Windego. Indeed, many of the stories are about people eating their own, sounds like BushCo fans.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Esher rocks. Sometimes I read your blog and I feel as if I am entering a whole new universe! I like it!!!

Coffee Messiah said...

lets talk: Thanks!

daniel: It's a very slippery slope I'm afraid! ; (

robin: ; )

earl: Hi ya & Thanks for dropping by!

enemy: Sometimes, I wonder if it's really meaningful at all. Appreciate your thoughts. Besides, for me it's a small way to be somewhat creative, even if no one sees it! ; )

RubyShooZ said...

Thank you. I love Buffy Sainte Marie. She's one of my favorites. Very much appreciated CM.

Much love and always peace.
~ RS ~

P.S. It's a very meaningfull blog to me and very important. Please don't ever stop.

Coffee Messiah said...

ruby: Thanks! ; )