Tuesday, October 02, 2007

dear diary: travel

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Whenever you are sincerely pleased,

you are nourished.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

While in Ann Arbor, before dropping the quilts
off in the burbs of Detroit, we stopped and had
a coffee for the road at a place called "Beaners."
I'm afraid I forgot to get this young ladys name,
not only was the coffee better than expected, she
without question tossed in a 3rd shot of espresso,
'cause we forgot to mention to cut down on the milk.

In our travels so far, no one beats Vivace in Seattle.

For quality and extra great service, I'd give this shop
a 4 out of 5. Coffee was smooth and not bitter, and when
you have a choice of this or SB, well, we were grateful
for this, to be sure! Thanks again, if you're looking in!

We also went to a deli called Zingermans.
It was overwhelming, thus no pictures.
Everything, I mean everything was hearty and tasty,
although a bit overpriced, but my guess is they
may pay the kids who work there well, and may
be part of it. Everyone in every line was nice and
I'm only sorry I neglected and forgot to purchase
some Olive Oil from Spain. The sample we had was
simply delicious. By the way, they mail order,
and if you enjoy quality food, they are
well worth a visit and or purchase!

If word is correct, my nephew is now on the road
in Scotts Valley, Ca.

Be careful ya'll if you're in the immediate area!


Anok said...

Supposedly I will be headed for the Michigan area sometime this winter for a small vacation...and I just have to go to this Beaners place! If and when you have the time, let me know where this place is. I love love love my coffee, and it just sounds wonderful.


Mary said...

Manah, manah!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya..your nephew is driving all right. I will be happy to see him off of the unemployment line next.
Great picture. Seems like it was so long ago that he was on a pony looking like he didn't have a care in the world.
Love ya Big Bro!

number06 said...

Hi coffee !

I’ll stop here, place of peace & landscapes. Thank you from Sounds Of Champaign. I'm still drinking a coffee and are dreaming about a journey in Michigan. I wished i could be over the ocean ... One day, i think, i've to go to visit the U.S ... i'm just waiting about Bush's departure then i'll be ready to escape from my village! Cheers :)

RubyShooZ said...

Mmm, Zingermans looks like a great place to visit. I can almost imagine what it looks like in person.

Thanks CM, as always.

(Enjoying the 'Every Day an adventure'.)

Peace today.

~ RS ~

Larry said...

Now I am hungry and thirsty, Thanks Coffee.

Anonymous said...

I so love reading your writing. These places sound wonderful. It's not possible to get bad coffee in the NW. I'm no connoisseur, but me likee the strong.

PS: Thanks for dropping in at LM. We are, once again, open for business.

Daniel said...

Coffee, is it true you are secretly employed by the Coffee Growers Association?

Take care now!

raffi said...

beaners is a great name. it's always cool to get a free shot of espresso. i love finding little coffee joints (non-star*ucks) that have wonderful coffee and products. vivace is an example (my parents live in seattle, i think as you know). but i also like tully's and seattle's best. have fun on your trip.

Spadoman said...

When are you coming to Wisconsin? You didn't make it last summer. Best coffee around here is at my house. I came in late as I haven't been around in a while, but I am assuming you are on a trip. I linked to your site, hope you don't mind. The word travel came up, as it does from time to time in Spadomanland, and I mentioned that you are on the road.

Take care and be well.

peace to all

Coffee Messiah said...

anok:It's a chain and we were in Ann Arbor and I believe they just changed names.....all I know is here and even at Zingermans Bakery, the coffee was OK......of course, espresso is our coffee drink of choice.

mary: Gotta love those Muppets! ; )

sis: He still has no cares, what are you talking about? ; )

#6:The states aren't bad, despite our leader. At this point, I'd like to get to Europe again, but hesitate for the same reasons you mention about coming here! Thanks for stopping by! ; )

ruby: It was an experience that you certainly do not get here! ; )

larry: )

mirth: Nice to see you back!

daniel:I wish I was, 'cause I'd be making more money than I am now!;)

raffi: Well, our first disagreement: Seattles Best is indeed owned by SB and to our taste is as bad. I must say, while in Seattle twice in the past yr, we only went to Vivace and Peets out there. I notice Tullys has a presence in SF. They weren't there when I was there.

spado:Hi ya! We might make it to the lake next year, unless of course something unexpectedly happens to pop up. Thanks for dropping by. we'll still look you up when we get there! ; )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and reviews. Take care on your travels!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Michigan is a great state, particularly the upper peninsula. I am glad you are enjoying yourself.

Coffee Messiah said...

mark: Thanks so much! ; )

enemy:Thanks to you also! ; )