Monday, November 19, 2007

carlos mencia - ft wayne, indy-anna

Naw, the special guest wasn't Lenny Bruce,
but like him, Mencia tends to talk about societal
issues, that people avoid.

If you've never heard LB, there's plenty out there
to listen too. Unlike Bruce, there are no cops
waiting to take Mencia away, no matter what he says.

I must say, we laughed the whole time, and it's
been awhile since my face muscles have had such
a work out. Religion, politics and difference's
among people and their attitudes were at
the top of his list.

It was good to laugh, but when you hear someone
point out the obvious about people and their
relationships with one another, and the
hypocrisies, we really haven't come
as far as we think.

Did I mention, he started his part of the show
about 6:45 and didn't stop until about 9:25?
He appears to be someone who enjoys not only
performing, but truly enjoys giving people
their moneys worth.

We are always fascinated by going anywhere out here,
because, we parked 1/2 a block away, on the street,
no parking fees, and, when it was over,
we walked out the door, got in the car, and
drove away. No traffic snarls etc.
On the way out of town and down the country
highway home, we may have seen 10 cars or so.


Anonymous said...

Hi, CM. Bing from Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes here. Can't post under my own name 'cause cookies aren't working for some reason.

I love a good night at the comedy club, but Mencia, is off of my list. I'll direct you to this YouTube clip of Mencia, well, getting called on stealing material in a big public way.

Don't mean to be a meano. Just, plagiarism chafes my chafables.

Keep up the stellar work!


Coffee Messiah said...

Hey Bing, Thanks for coming by. I guess, looking not only at comedy, but music, many written words etc, somehow appear and even do have something that's been passed around. I know the story and have seen this and a few more clips. Although we don't go to clubs to see comedy (as you can see by the price = Ouch) we needed to see the crowd and have the experience. I'm not getting defensive or anything, I simply know I've heard many people on the radio and boob tube recycling similar jokes.

The Oral Tradition, what are U going to do????? Cheers!

raffi said...

yes, mind of mencia is great material... and it's obvious he loves what he does.

Anonymous said...

CM is hilarious and he certainly does give you your moneys worth. You are right about us not coming very far. Perhaps, we will get it together and get it one at some point. All we do is hope and have a little bit of faith. Maybe, one day we will arrive!

Coffee Messiah said...

raffi: He racks up big time. In the lobby, prior to the show, he was popping out photos with him @ $25.00 a shot and there were lots of takers!
Sadly, it didn't mean that much to me to purchase anything! ; (

hawk: Hi ya! Let's face it, after thousands of yrs, if it hasn't happened, it never will! ; (