Saturday, November 17, 2007

mailart beginnings - san francisco

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from an old friend and the
MailBox archives

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Top, L - R
My son Ian, me, Picasso Gaglione & John Held Jr

Long ago and faraway there was a cool place
in the south of Market area in SF called:
Stamp Francisco. It is no longer there.
Back in the 80s I met Picasso, and soon
managed to send off a few MailArt projects.
Through this, I met many fine people who
are very creative, in many different artistic fields.

These photos were from a Fluxus event,
at Stamp Francisco. Now, rather than
kicking and breaking up an old guitar,
Ian is playing one and producing some
interesting music of his own.

Amazing how fast 25+ yrs go by.


robin andrea said...

The pics are not showing up, coffee. I am glad to see you posting again, though, and hope you can fix those links.

Miles said...

i vaguely remember stamp san francisco. harrison @ 8th it looks like?

billie said...

life does seem to go by pretty quickly :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah!

Coffee Messiah said...

robin: I hope they are visible to you now. Seems that blogger likes to gobble my pics for some reason. ; (

miles: You're close!

betmo: Only if ya blink! ; )

h-9: )

Jilly said...

What a fantastic blog. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on Menton DP. Now I've found you - I've bookmarked you.

Coffee and art - sounds like a perfect combination to me.

Love what's been done to The Scream. Too right!

Coffee Messiah said...

jilly: Hello and Thanks for stopping by! Your photos and stories are a joy to read!