Friday, December 21, 2007

cigar box guitars & friendship

There's a history with Cigar Box Guitars
that goes way back, when people made
instruments out of whatever they had.

Depending on what you make them with,
they all end up having a unique sound,
sometimes sounding better than the real thing.

(click to enlarge)
Despite what people say about the USPS,
they do wonderful work. This came yesterday
in a very large box, and there was no dent anywhere.

This is a gift from a dear friend in Ca. personally made
for me. The cigar box is a Macundo Portafino Cafe box.
A poplar neck, frets were woodburned on, the
bridge a huge eyebolt, nut is a stovebolt.

So far, although I need to find myself a bottle
or found object for a slide I will need to practice

Thanks so much HR9.

Cigar Box Museum Photos

These two photos were taken earlier this week
after our latest snowstorm.
This Covered Bridge is a few blocks away from us.
The last pic is looking through a window in the bridge.
That is the Eel River, BTW.

Last week HR9 sent me a song he put together called:

The Eel River Jam,

with just the cigar box guitar.

My son lives about 3 or so hrs away and I sent him
the song and he added everything else you hear.
A nice collaboration from two people who
don't know each other.

Thanks U 2 !
no longer available


Mary said...

That is so cool. I have a cigar box laying around. I must show this to my brother. He has quite the guitar collection. He taught himself to play many instruments in the basement of our home. A sort of musical genius. He will love the guitar.

Bobby D. said...

What a great gift--now That is a true gift --and it sounds good too. Thanks for posting this--I never saw a cigar box guitar before--Never heard one either. It falls into that great tramp art tradition of making things.

robin andrea said...

I've never heard of a cigar-box guitar before this. What a fantastic instrument, a beautiful piece of folk art. Also a fine long-distance collaboration between HR9 and your son. That's quite a holiday gift.

earlbo said...

Coffee, I must say that a cigar box guitar looks and probably sounds a whole lot better than an air guitar.

Happy Holidays to you and Lisa and Peace in the New Year.

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hey CM,
Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays. May your days be filled with love and peace.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that Mark Twain hotwire sounds unique and alluring and at the same time dangerous and bizarre! May have to try it.

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: If your brother looks around he'll find a bevy of info.They sound "way cool!"

dcb: You're right a bit of tramp art but musically, more interesting and I've recently seen/heard people making these out of cans and tin boxes etc. And anything homemade and from a friend is always "Tops" in my book!

robin:They have quite a history and there's someone with a museum back east. I need to make that trip myself.

earl: Peace to You and Yours also! And it was a pleasure meeting you all this year! ; )

alexys: Same to you back there in the "homeland" of Ca! ; )

hR9:Be on the lookout for a Twain cigar box! Might be worth as much or more than a Coricidin bottle! ; ) Thanks again!!!!!

Showed it off last night to some friends in town and they were impressed with your craftsmanship!!!!

Anonymous said...