Thursday, December 20, 2007

Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman

Red Crow
Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota Sioux



It is the general belief of the Indians
that after a man dies his spirit is
somewhere on the earth or in the sky,
we do not know exactly where,
but we are sure that his spirit lives......
So it is with the Wakantanka.

We believe that he is everywhere,
yet he is to us as the spirits of our friends,
whose voices we can not hear.

Chased-by-Bears, 1843- 1913
Santee-Yanktonai Sioux


Georg said...

Hallo Coffee,

Very interesting face indeed. As you offered the possibility, I had a look at his biography.

As he lived in Los Angeles, I imagine he was more "Floyd" than "Red Crow".


Coffee Messiah said...

Ah but Georg, not only was he not "always in LA" but he "always" kept up his activist role, no matter where he was. Although I did not know him, his actions have told me through the years, he was certainly more "Red Crow"......

robin andrea said...

I read about his passing the other day, but I didn't see a photograph. A very fine face there. As the poet Mary Oliver once wrote, "...a brother who as walked his thousand miles."

Coffee Messiah said...

robin: That's the problem being out here, I just read about his passing this morning! ; (

Enemy of the Republic said...

I've been reading more on shamanism and animal spirits, not knowing that it came from Native Americans. I haven't heard of this man, and I know it is my loss.

Coffee Messiah said...

enemy: Thanks for touching base! There are and have been so many people in the World that we never know about, a shame really!

Spadoman said...

I never met Red Crow, yet many I am around at Pow Wow and ceremony knew him personally. He is revered in the Indian Nation. His passing is a loss, but he is home now. The prayers are for his family and those that will; suffer with his loss, he doesn't need them any longer. He was a big part of the fund raising for This upcoming event. This link will also have info on how to get some of the music he did to help raise funds.

Mitakwe Oyasin We are all related

earlbo said...

Here's a bit of interesting Indian news.

A delegation has gone to Washington to deliver the message message to the State Department. The Lakota Country includes parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming and they wish to start their own sovereign nation.

97% of Lakota Indians live below the poverty level, they have the shortest life expectancy, the Lakota teens suicide rate is 150 percent higher than the national average and unemployment is rife. The US, according to the the Lakota Indians, didn't live up to their end of the treaties who clumped all the native Americans into one group. This does not surprise me.

Coffee Messiah said...

spado: Thanks so much for the info as I never heard of this and much more of course.

The Miamis are showing a film this week produced back east about Francis Slocum, which is a big story out here since she was taken from her home and ended up here in Indiana. She married Francis Godfroy, Chief at the time etc, etc.

We hope to take our 91 yr old friend who has traced her abduction and all the history to see this next Sat.

If you haven't, check out my Indiana Postcards. A work in progress.

Earl: There's a book I've been meaning to purchase about all the Treaties the government made with the Native Americans.

Of course, like now, the government never made a treaty that they couldn't/wouldn't break! ; (

Unknown said...

I did not know about his has made me very sad today, but thank you for letting those of us unaware know CM ;(

Coffee Messiah said...

dusty: I only read it a few days ago myself. Some news just doesn't travel well! ; (