Friday, February 15, 2008

After hearing Keith Olbermans "Special Comment"
on "fear" last night, I remembered that last year I wrote
a post over at the Peace Train on the subject.

I actually started to write about a book by
Patrick Suskind called "The Pigeon"
and it morphed into this:

I met three of the folks who wrote articles
last year in Chicago and they were very
nice folks. Although it's not something
I'd do everyday or for everyone,
it proved that for the most part,
all of us that share like this on
the internets aren't bad people!

Sometime over the weekend I'll be
posting something about Chocolate.


H said...

I have only read Perfume, but that's probably common to a lot of people who were teenagers in the 1990s. I loved it, though.
And I never get enough of reading about chocolate. Never ;)

robin andrea said...

I first started reading your blog when you went to Chicago and met the other bloggers. I haven't been over to The Peace Train in a long time. It's nice to check back in.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Coffee, the United States Southern Command have been visiting my blog! Any ideas on why?


dennis said...

Dennis loves pigeon.

Bobby D. said...

will check this book out.

Coffee Messiah said...

h:h: Perfume is his best book, and I've enjoyed it more than once.

robin: Due to the state of the political scene and my state of mind, sadly, although Earl is doing well by the PT, I look in, but rarely find myself following through on many of the political blogs. I'm still aware etc, but find my mental state better suited for creative things by not going there so much. Much like you and Roger.

dg: Yikes! ; (

dennis: They get a bad rap those birds. Besides, they're really "Doves" which far too many people are unaware of! ; (

dcb: It's a slim volume and a good read. But from what I've read of his, Perfume still can't be topped by him!


Avid Reader said...

Thank you for the compliment @ C.U.

The Pigeon sounds like a good book to me, and i look forward to the chocolate post.

I am just starting out, and am collecting book titles that I can use for my women's studies --essays and excerpts from books will be my postings at this point.

let me know if you've got a favorite book we can feature. Thanks. R.

Anonymous said...

Java Man, this was a good read over at the Peace Train. I'm not familiar with the book but I intend to check it out from the library sometime next week.

Good to be back reading around the neighborhood, even though it is marginal participation at best.

Later, my friend.

Unknown said...

I learned something about the Cold War after it “ended.” The folks on the other side of the Iron Curtain were as or more terrified of us as we of them. Perhaps that’s the way it has always been where war and destruction are concerned. So maybe FDR was right about the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Coffee Messiah said...

ms w: Thanks for stopping by. I will dredge the ol' gray cells and see what I can come up with.

hawk: Nice to C U! Need to come by your way too. Cheers!

nick: A simple truth eh? Wonder why so many are so oblivious or better yet, can't put themselves in others shoes and see how they would feel. ; (