Thursday, February 14, 2008

"He was my cream,

and I was his coffee -

And when you poured us together,

it was something."

Josephine Baker

Vivace Coffee, Seattle, Wa - 2007

briar patch - eric von schmidt


H said...

Happy Valentine's, CM! That's a great little quote.

Bobby D. said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm involved in an experiment with Cergie. Pls leave info at my blog to be a part of it.

Bobby D. said...

Oh PS love the pic, LOVE Josephine Baker--did you ever see the biopic? worth seeing. I used to have 2 of her cds--they vanished mysteriously.

Coffee Messiah said...

h: Thanks and belated Happy Valentines Day to you also!

dcb: Nope, have only seen clips and have wanted to read her biography. When I was in Ca, I met her "step-son" who wrote a book about her a few years ago. I believe he was "a phantom" as far as status? Something like that. Will have to check out Netflix!