Monday, February 11, 2008

Somewhere in India I am told

If I have been of service,

if I have glimpsed more of the

nature and essence of ultimate good,

if I am inspired to reach wider

horizons of thought and action,

if I am at peace with myself,

it has been a successful day.

Alex Noble


Gledwood said...

Hey Messiah howzit going... long time no see.

Yeah I like those words.



Anonymous said...

Man, I hope to have a successful day at least once in my life!

H said...

I'm with Hemingray 9. Still working on it, but it's something to shoot for!

Bobby D. said...

nice. If we actually did try to see the best in every person we met, we'd probably feel more at peace with ourselves at the end of the day.

Something to work on, along with reaching and doing.
My most successful days so far have been vacation days.

Anonymous said...

I've looked at George many times and tried to see the best in him...and tried to see the best in him...and tried...

I gave up. He's a waste of space!

Cheers to all.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Australia has included the word 'Stolen' to describe the children that were taken from impoverished families as a protective measure. The ramifications of this will probably prove to be problematic in the future.


Coffee Messiah said...

gled: THanks for stopping by!

hR9: Dude, you know everyday is a successful one! ; )

dcb: Vacations are the ultimate, aren't they?

david: I didn't recognize you at 1st!

As for gw, there's no way, although he appears to be a lost soul, no doubt about it.

That's interesting about the info on the children. Will have to stop by after work! Cheers back at ya!

Squirrel said...

Coffee-- I am drinking the best hot cocoa I have ever tasted- extreme dark drinking chocolate, made in Germany. It's unbelieveable! 79% cocoa. (Schokinag)

have you ever done a post on hot cocoa?
Purist that I am, it's either pure coffee or pure chocolate, no mixing of the two

dennis said...

Dennis is bored, so trouble is brewing for Ched.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring, the picture and the words. The last two lines, especially. Like some of the others have said, it seems rare, but if I feel that, everything else seems to be in its rightful place.
India, huh? I like that for this, because I was looking in that direction when I first started to try actually thinking on spiritual things. Kinda takes me back to basics, you might say, to be reminded of India.(in that way)

The only problem I'm having with your site, so far? Everytime I come here, night or day, (6:13pm right now) it makes me want to have a cuppa.*lol*

Anon-Paranoid said...

coffee messiah...

Beautiful picture and waterfall.

If the good Lord allows me to wake up in the morning now that's a successful day no matter what happens.

God Bless.

Frederick said...

Noththing more peaceful than a waterfall.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: Wowee.....we wish we could be sharing it with you. When we were in Seattle last year, we stopped at Theo Chocolate, who uses strictly organic chocolate. We took the tour and came away impressed. I did a post but deleted last yrs posts prior to Aug. I'll see later if I can find the pics.

dennis: You, bored? Unbelievable!

a decker: Thanks for your kind thought and will come by.

anon: That's what I'm saying. There's way too many people far worse than most of us and what are our complaints? Don't get me started!

fred: Cheers and Thanks for popping by!

Mary said...

I DO need more days like that.

Michael Bains said...

I thought that the pic said "Somewhere in Indiana" and was wondering how you could Not know where! lol! Beautiful! at any rate.

Peace amigo!

dennis said...

Dennis wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day since Dennis is going to be busy with his ladies tomorrow.

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: ; )

mb: That's funny & if only! ; )

dennis: Happy Valentines Day to you and the ladies! ; )