Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate

Silly as this may sound, when we saw this film,
we laughed and cried, as our experience with
our coffeehouse was similar to the character
in the film and her chocolates.

(click to enlarge)

Not many people realize just where chocolate
comes from and how it is made.

In the late 70s, early 80s while working for
the paper in SF, I spent a lot of time in Oakland
perusing book, music and coffee shops.

On Piedmont Ave in Oakland was a business
called: Cocolat. The above box, aside from the memories
are all that is left of that experience.
Not sure when they went out of business, but it
was my 1st chance to try real, made on the premise's
chocolate truffles. I had many coffees and truffles.

I was sad to see it go.

This is one of the many bars Theo Chocolate offers.

This and their Chai Tea bar are our favorite!

When we were watching a couples house in
Seattle last year, while they were on vacation
we did some exploring. When we heard about
Theo Chocolates, we signed up for the $5.00
tour and were guided by one of the many
women, in a woman owned business.
(memory fades, and a man is the ceo/founder)

They are housed in an old brick building.
I believe, if I remember right, that
used to be a brewery.

Sorry about the darkness of the photo.

Chocolate, like coffee is roasted.
This is an old german coffee roaster,
used now to roast their chocolate.

These are the hulls from the chocolate.

Can't remember for sure if they sell or
give away the hulls. They can be used
as mulch in your yard.

After my 1st chocolate truffle experience,
I never enjoyed the usual suspects that sell chocolate.

Import, European chocolate, be it drinking or
nibbling on is the only way to go.

Yes, not only am I a coffee snob,
but chocolate and Tea also.

I also posted about our friend Paul
who we surprised at his favorite
donut shop yesterday.


Squirrel said...

This is a bittersweet chocolate post.

I am a total chocolate snob--lucky that I am within walking distance of a European Chocolate shop run by a European who goes on trips to search out exotic new items. There are always new things to try, and not one disappointment.

Anonymous said...

That's the old (original) Red Hook Brewery in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.
BTW -- the owner/founder, Joe Whinney seemed manly enough, but these days, does it really matter?

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: If we ever make it to NY, we may have to come visit your town! ; )

anon: It's been many miles, espressos etc, since that visit, thus, I stand corrected! ; )

Graeme said...

very cool.

I know of a few fair trade coffee shops mainly in pacific northwest. People in the Ivory Coast really get exploited by big companies looking for Cocoa.

Unknown said...

As one addicted to chocolate, I appreciate the information. Now I must check the box to see if any Valentine Day chocolates are left.

s. douglas said...

I was just listening to "Chocolate Jesus" by Tom Waites.


Squirrel said...

Hope you can visit soon! Alfred Molina is one of my fave actors--I was happy to see him in Chocolat. He was so good in Coffee & Cigarettes too.

I am still under the weather. Here we have some illness going around that kind of lasts for a month and feels like walking pneumonia.

Would love to tour a chocolate factory.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Coffee, do you have shares in a dental clinic?

All those folks eating chocolate - what about the cavities and the calories?

I love chocolate myself but can only have it occasionally. It's great with coffee, Coffee!


Coffee Messiah said...

graeme: Exploitation of all these types of business's seems to be the way of the World. It's nice to know some people do pay more. And there are more doing so than we hear about.

nick: ; )

fairlane: That's a great song, isn't it? !

squirrel: Hope you are on the mend soon!

david: You worry too much! ; )

robin andrea said...

Ah, chocolate. I eat it sparingly, one delicious piece after dinner. We've been eating Endangered Species Chocolate, but now I wonder where it's made, and if it's as good quality as it tastes.

Your blog post below about Paul is quite touching. What a good man.

Bobby D. said...

Chocolate is one of my fave topix.

Coffee Messiah said...

robin: Yes, they are very good too. Made in Indianapolis, indy-anna!

dcb: ;)

Anne said...

yummy! johnny depp AND chocolate. :)

Avid Reader said...

I feel thankful to have access to fair trade chocolate.

Coffee Messiah said...

annie: Cheers!

ms. w: ; )

Cathy said...

Well, thank you very much for the introduction to Theo -- I went right over and got myself some chocolate bars. Yummmmm! Always interested in trying something new.

Coffee Messiah said...

cathy: You'll enjoy them I'm sure.

I noticed a few days ago someone from Theo took a look here.

Wish they'd send me a bar or two! ; )

libhom said...

Chocolat was such an incredible movie.

Coffee Messiah said...

libhom: In so many ways! ; )