Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Metro Espresso
1999 - 2003
Wabash, Indiana

To The Coffeehouse!

When you are worried,
have trouble of one sort or another,
to the coffeehouse -

When she did not keep her appointment,
for one reason or another,
to the coffeehouse -

You are a chair warmer in some office,
while your ambition led you to seek professional honors,
to the coffeehouse -

You hate and despise human beings,
and at the same time you can not be happy without them,
to the coffeehouse -

You compose a poem,
which you can not inflict upon friends you meet in the street,
to the coffeehouse -

When you feel like hiding,
you dive into,
the coffeehouse -

When you can not get anything
on trust anywhere else,
to the coffeehouse -

Peter Altenberg
Vienna Poet - 1859 - 1919


Bobby D. said...

I raise my morning espresso in remembrance of Metro Espresso.

There was in Wabash a place
Where the finest coffee flowed
The folks there knew your face
Even strangers got a warm hello

The place had charm, a certain something
You could sit and sip away the time
Talk about everything or nothing
Relaxing, energizing, it was fine.

They served good pastry and philosophy
All the best people stopped by
To get that cupful of coffee
with a dash of well-being on the side.

Kurt said...

What a nice looking coffee shop. I cannot trust my coffee preparation to others, but if I could, this is a coffee shop I would have liked.

Avid Reader said...

Is it really true that kurt cannot trust coffee prep to others? I would love for Kurt to prepare some coffee for me if that is true!

Coffee Messiah said...

dcb: How sweet.....Lisa & I Thank You for that. Although we have never met, I know you would not only have enjoyed what we did offer, but the rest as well.

kurt: Not only did we enjoy real coffee in the 1st place, we met and smoozed with a few different roasters to decide what we wanted to sell. We are picky too, thus you also would have enjoyed our coffee. We played all sorts of music too, and introduced people to what they had never heard before. Not too hard, since they mostly listen to oldies, "everywhere!"

ms w: I've been wondering about Kurt, and would enjoy watching how he handles coffee.....

Unknown said...

Wabash, Indiana! I’ve been in Wabash—more than once.

Thank you, for your kind words as I try to regain my health from these maladies that have me down.

Bobby D. said...


I have been attempting to meet with Kurt in person, but so far I have not been successful.

dennis said...

Dennis isn't allowed to have coffee, but is very picky about his food. Dennis would like Kurt to prepare all of his food.

Coffee Messiah said...

nick: Glad to see you're getting around a bit. Maybe we saw you in the town?

dcb: I know it took some thinking to meet some folks at Peace Train in Chicago, but it turned out well, but time flew! Was like being with old friends! ; )

dennis: I'd like to see a photo of Kurt feeding you!

Anonymous said...

I'm no where near as worldly and knowledgeable as most of you. I just came to say, of this verse, "Hear! Hear!"

Coffee Messiah said...

ad: I wouldn't consider myself "worldly or knowledgeable" just someone who enjoys interesting and nice, simple things in life! ; )

Professor Montblanc said...

The Coffee Messiah is a person of quality who appreciates the finer things in life while having a view as the down to earth man as well. Thank you.

Coffee Messiah said...

prof. mb: Nice of you to say, although sometimes I'm really not so sure.