Thursday, March 06, 2008

I never knew a sailor, in my life,

who would not prefer a pot of hot coffee or chocolate,

on a cold night, to all the rum afloat.

Richard Henry Dana Jr.
Two Years Before The Mast (1840)

Maroon Lake, Aspen, Colorado

Am venturing near Greensboro, NC
for about a month or two for some training.

I believe I'll have a half day of work on Fri's,
so I'll have some time to look around.

Any suggestions?

Coffee suggestions ( real roaster?) if you have any.
Although we haven't been in busy-ness since '03,
check this out:

metro espresso

I guess: it's the water? ; )


Bob Dylan said...

Have a great time Coffee. I have no suggestions, but thanks to this post I've decided to make a pot of chocolate this morning. Winter will be over all too soon.

Have fun training and sampling.


Anonymous said...

I know that Dana quote. One of the few things I remember frm my long ago reading of The Mast. I went through a seagoing lit faze!

Kurt said...

Wikitravel sometimes has good ideas:

Cathy said...

I'm such an illiterate, I had to look up Dana. Who knew he's the Dana of Dana Point, California? I had an interesting Thanksgiving there once. Hmmm.
You know some cool stuff, dude.

Squirrel said...

Have fun and a 'perky' time!

Coffee Messiah said...

bd: I hope it was deep, dark European Chocolate. ; )

And Thanks. Although, I won't be sampling anything but old books in a scanner! ; )

hR9: Hey, looks like you win da prize!

kurt: Thanks. Although I never look too much at Wiki for far too many obvious reasons, I will C what they say.

cathy: Not really, it's all in the reading. ; )

squirrel: I already have been told about a bakery and 2 roasters. A couple of posts will ensue once I have the time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful time, Coffee.

Unknown said...

Well… It’s less than 500 miles from Greensboro to Louisville and you could drop in at the Kentucky Derby in April.

Coffee Messiah said...

eff: Thank You! ; )

nick: Thanks for the tip. Now understand, I've never been to a horse race, and wouldn't mind trying a mint julip, but honestly, I wouldn't drive that far just for s horse race. ; (

Now coffee, that's another matter.

Hope all is getting better for you.

Anne said...

"i am not a number~i am a free man"
have a great journey, c.m.

Coffee Messiah said...

annie: Thanks! If it only we were Free, eh? !

earlbo said...

Coffee, great reminder to one of "The Prisoner" considered by many to be the most unusual and thought-provoking television series ever made.

You can trace Lost, The X-Files, and every other paranoid show-puzzle in the last few decades to this enigmatic story of Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) and his attempt to escape a charming little gulag by the seaside. The British series, seen first by Americans on CBS, imagined a deceptively beautiful totalitarian community—"the village"—in which people's memories were erased, no one could be trusted and the premises were patrolled by the most sinister big white balloons you ever saw. Resonant with cold-war suspicions, who is the enemy? Is it us?

Unknown said...

Phydeaux lives in NC. He posts beautiful photography of that state and might have some nice spots for you to visit..

splord said...

Greetings, Coffee Messiah!

Dusty sent me over (and I see she gave you my URL as well) to suggest some places in NC you might like to see.

This is my first visit to your place (I like, btw) so I don't really know what you're in to, but...

Greensboro was the home of author O. Henry, and there may be some historical stuff there about him. In the vein of history, over in Winston-Salem (1/2 hr. from Greensboro) is Old Salem, a "living history" town, much like Colonial Williamsburg or Sturbridge Village in MA.

Farther west and up in the mountains (which, as Dusty will tell you, is what I'm all about) is the High Country of Boone and Blowing Rock - about an hour and a half drive from GSO. Always worth a visit, no matter what time of year. Also, just west of Boone is Grandfather Mountain, which is a wonderful place to go (if you're into nature).

Myself, I enjoy driving in the mountains and taking in the scenery, especially on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

If you have the inclination to drive a bit farther, the Asheville area (where I live) is about three hours from GSO, and has lots of cool places ... including the Biltmore House and a ton of galleries - and the Thomas Wolfe House. Jest a few miles south of Asheville is Flat Rock, where the Carl Sandburg home "Connemara" is located.

Enjoy your stay here, and, sorry 'bout the rednecks, we're not all like that. ;)

Unknown said...

LOL..I love Phy/Bob's last comment ;)

Glad to see he stopped by..he is a good person whom I heart alot..even if he does live in redneck country ;p

Coffee Messiah said...

earl: Hey, Thanks for that. I have the set and do look at it at least once a year.

dusty: Thanks for the info.

phy/bob: Thanks for stopping by and the info. Will make it your way soon!

Unknown said...

Such a completely gorgeous photo in this post...

I enjoyed the photos of coffee-shops as well, it is always fascinating to see everyday pictures from across the world.

I am allergic to coffee, break into hives whenever I have it, but I guess I will come back for the pictures:)

Coffee Messiah said...

damyanti: Hello and Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's not all about coffee you know. ; )

Michael Bains said...

Just hope you enjoy the Warmth!

Glad your li'l trip through my home Ohio didn't waylay you too bad. Wow! What a blizzard!

Keep that thermos full!

Coffee Messiah said...

mb: It was nail biting getting through there. Cars and police on the side of the road in many places! ; (