Friday, March 07, 2008

The most expensive cans of coffee in the world?

Andy Warhol's "Martinson Coffee" sold at
auction for $3,824,000 in 2006.

The silkscreen depicts 18 cans of coffee.
That's $212,444 per can!
Sunday I will be leaving for a 617 mile drive to NC.

I hope to post shots of the area and any
worthy coffee stop and bakeries.
Er, not to mention any local historical
item that may catch my eye.

On my return, I will be finishing a
handmade box/coffee cd and
a mailart booklet to go with it.

In the spirit of mailart, there is no charge.
But, it's a limited amount. 10 may be it.

With that in mind, if anyone would like
a copy, I will take names through email,
and the next 0 (10 are accounted for)
will receive them sometime after my return.

If more than 10 reply, I will send the CD only.

Please leave your name and address in the email
and I will let you know where it all stands.

As always,
Thanks for stopping by.

spring - sainkho namchylak


dennis said...

Dennis thinks that might be a long drive.

Squirrel said...

Have fun! Everyone seems to be going on a road trip this weekend. 'cept me.

Coffee Messiah said...

dennis: Yes, especially going solo both ways! ; (

squirrel: Thanks! Was given a GPS device and will be bringing lots of CDs. Heard the last 2 hrs going through Virginia will be through the mountains.

They set my device to to the bakery and coffee shop! ; )

Mary said...

Who doesn't love a road trip? Have a great time!!!!!

robin andrea said...

Hey, enjoy your journey to North Carolina. I know some fine folks in the mountains of southern Virginia. I hope you're planning to update your blog while you are on the road! Safe travels, coffee.

tony said...

Have A Safe Coofee Fuelled Journey!

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: Thanks and glad you are going to receive one!

robin: Thanks and oh yeah! ; ) My best to Roger.

tony: Thanks....hopefully something will be off the interstate for this trip along the way. I will need something other than the scenery and my music to keep me going for that long. Although, I heard it's mostly downhill getting there, so the return will be slower.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Have a safe drive and a good trip!

Dusty said...

Drive safely sweet man..and we await pictures and posts on your wonderful journey!

I am jealous ;)

fairlane said...

Be safe Comrade Coffee.

Kurt said...

I need to pay better attention. What is a handmade box/coffee cd and
a mailart booklet?

Squirrel said...

Too late Kurt! But I will let you touch mine and maybe listen to the CD.

Oceanshaman said...

I can't say I'm likin' the idea of a 617 mile drive . . . a 617 mile hike, however, would be cool . . .

Anonymous said...

Whew, Coffee. If I get that job, I guess I could waste all the cash on coffee...


Octavian said...

That coffee better be good! It's great to see you've grown in your number of viewers. I myself have been immersed in school studies with little time for my quaint little blog. Nice to see you haven't lost your touch!

Larry said...

Hurry back Coffee!

Mandy said...

I had to comment to let you know that I LOVE your blog!!!!

Coffee Messiah said...

nick: Thanks, it was slow, but I made it. Hope you are on the mend!

dusty: Thanks so much!

fairlane: Thanks! If I had known I would pass through your state, I would have attempted to make contact with you, at least by phone!

kurt: You'll soon C.

oceanshaman: Thanks for your thoughts.

eff: Yikes! You need to read closer, it was an art painting, not real coffee! ; (

octavian: I wondered what happened to you and will need to check your new blog out. Thanks for remembering me!

larry: Dude, you're still out there? ! ; )

mandy: Thanks for leaving a comment and I will look your way soon. Cheers!