Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chagall - Lovers (see you soon Lisa!)

To be worn out,

is to be renewed.

Lao Tzu

Today is a travel day, after 3 weeks
here in Greensboro, NC.

I read last evening a few
sniper shots were being taken through
W Virginia on the freeway.
It was a route I'm taking back.
At first glance I thought
I'd best find another route home.
Fortunately, they found the kids
who did it and are no longer a threat.

What a World! ; (

I'm not leaving until I
have one more coffee for the road
at Tate St.

I have one more post about my trip
and a few pictures.

And, yes, I tried the Hush Puppies
and Frostys here in Greensboro
made the most delicious ones, hands down.

Thanks to all of you who commented,
it's much appreciated and helped
me feel sort of like I was home.

For those of you receiving my
coffee cd/booklet, I will be
in contact within the next month
when it should be arriving @ your door.


Mary said...

"To be worn out is to be renewed."
So truthful.

tony said...

Lord! sniper shots ! Crazy World.although, these things seem to happen everywhere these days.Take Care.Have A Good Journey.Regards

Kurt said...

I'm looking forward to the CD, whatever it is.

robin andrea said...

Hope your journey home is a safe and uneventful. There's nothing like being home after a long trip.

dennis said...

Dennis wishes he could go on a road trip and get some fried fish.

like very much the Chagall.

s. douglas said...

Nothing like a couple of sniper shots to add some excitement to your Sunday drive.


To be honest, I'm surprised this crap doesn't happen far more often. Everyone's pissed, and everyone has at least one gun.

Bobby D. said...

I used to think strange crimes were American Crimes, until this guy in Ireland tried to rob a bank with a cucumber.

I used to think snipers were only in Los Angeles.

The best local crime--a guy robbed a pizza parlor, then took a pizza on his way out-- he only drove a few blocks and had to pull over and park--to eat some--since it smelled soooo good. By the time the police drove up, he had eaten half the pizza.

The world is crazy, but I am feeling positive about your drive home.

Georg said...

Bonjour Coffee,

Snipers in the country side. That should be forbidden.

Useless to lament, just try to buy somewhere a veteran steel helmet and carry it outside your home.

On the other hand, don't worry, Coffee, I cannot imagine you being sniped at. Your destiny is more certainly to go on blogging.


Bobby D. said...

we've had nothing but grey and rainy weather here. You must have gotten some blue sky & rays of sunshine on your trip.

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: I know you know that quote well! Hope Michael is doing well!

tony: Thanks and yes, one never knows anymore where you will be taken.

kurt: ; )

robin: I'm so tired but it was all worth it! My best to Roger, as always!

dennis: I'm glad you liked the Chagall.

fairlane: I know what you mean. You just never know anymore.

dcb: Maybe the World isn't any crazier than its ever been, but surely feels like it, doesn't it? !

georg: That's pretty funny about the helmet. And I've not forgotten the music. Just been away and too busy.....glad you're patient.

dcb: Well, I didn't want Lisa to know at the time, but it was in the 60s and 70s except for one day. Read many books and sat with nary a care in the world. Now, it's back to life as we know it.....