Thursday, March 27, 2008

all photos courtesy of the internets

While here in North Carolina, people are
constantly talking about this BBQ or that BBQ.

My first taste was Sat on the way back from
Asheville, NC and some book searching.

We pulled off the highway and ended up
at a spot much like the 2nd photo.
Sadly, the experience wasn't very good.
Others seemed to enjoy it though,
so what do I know.

The day before yesterday, we met a few
people at another near the airport.
It was much better.

Even more interesting was the Strip Club
next door that dwarfed the BBQ establishment.
It looks like the Taj Mahal, while the place we
ate at looked similar to the 2nd photo.

Yesterday for lunch we went to Frostys
run by a mother and daughter and
it too was a hopping place.

The food was much better and a co-worker
brought her own BBQ sauce that was
much better and tastier than anything
I've had thus far.

Anyway, the experience here, although
mostly work related has been a good
one and NC itself it very beautiful,
especially when you drive through
the mountains.


Michael Bains said...

Does the Porn Palace serve espresso?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're in my neck of the woods. Although I'm from the Mid-South, it's a lot alike all the way across. And yes, bbq is always an adventure, different each place. Hope you find some really good, 'cause it's...really good.:-p Memphis style's best, imo.

Those pics look like places I've seen. Too bad you didn't get one of the Taj Mahal strip club.:-D

Thanks for the updates. It's nice to hear from the road.


Kurt said...

You're in my crazy stepdad's neck of the woods. If you see him, give him a little choke for me.

Mary said...

Good or bad the journey is always interesting.

Professor Montblanc said...

the Bar B Que she is very subjective, some of the peoples like the volume over the taste. I prefer the small portion of quality with a great sauce.

Professor Montblanc said...

what goes better with le BarB Que than le good old classic Coca Cola? Now I am thinking I would like this for my dinner.

Unknown said...

I’ve dined in many Bar-B-Q establishments across the country and am amazed not only by the different qualities of the food but also by the regional differences in what is considered to be Bar-B-Q.

Coffee Messiah said...

mb: Er, I doubt it, not that I know of course! ; (

decker: I do have my little camera, but sometimes, with others, and people I don't know that well, I simply pass on taking it out and shooting, although I should.

kurt: Tell me where and I'll give him a "bang on the ear" for ya! Maybe he's the guy at our busy-ness that gives it to a co-worker and never gets called on it? : (

mary: It's fun and interesting no matter what!

prof m: I'm with you, small portions are quite enough. Although I do not normally drink it, and have never had it, the 2nd BBQ had "Sweet Tea" and I enjoyed it enough for a few re-fills!

nick: You're right and I'm learning as I go along! Hope all is well your way!

Anonymous said...

Gee, first coffee, now Barbeques! You are sure an adaptable man, Coffee.

Listen, Daniel has opened up Seeking Utopia again but more as a place of refuge from this crazy world. will find him.

As his alter ego, I'm still giving them hell on Dangerous Creation.

You take care now!

Unknown said...

Exploring these bbqs sounds like fun. Maybe I will take it up when I go to your part of the world:)

For now, you can read about my food road trip at

Larry said...

Go to Bryan Ohio, there is a small stand on the northern edge of town that has great barbecue.

tony said...

You Are A Moveable Feast ! Happy Trails!

Bobby D. said...

I like Bar B Que, but without teeth I take a while to gum a dainty portion. Dennis is a true BBQ eater, as he can wolf an entire sandwich in two gulps.

robin andrea said...

I'm always reluctant to go to restaurants that look like the one in photograph #2. Well, to be perfectly honest, I hardly ever go out to eat because I can never be sure of the quality of food being served. I've worked in restaurants. I know what goes on! I like that you take food risks. It does make life interesting.

Cathy said...

I'm with Robin -- cautious is my creed.
But I do love a good bbq sauce, preferably made in MY kitchen.

Anonymous said...

don't worry the cookin burns off all the really scary germs

Bob Dylan said...

Did you have hush puppies?

Coffee Messiah said...

david: Hey, you have to try what the natives have, don't you? Will check Utopia again on my return home! Cheers! ; )

damtanti: Sounds good and look forward to reading your blog on return.

larry: Thanks 4 the tip, and will jot that down for another trip. No stops but gas stations for the return home.

tony: Yep and Thanks!

dcb: I saw a few people gulping down their food in the same way!

robin: Yes, we all know that sometimes it gets a bit strange. But, sometimes you must throw care to the wind and simply enjoy! I do know what you are saying though. As a rule, we too are very selective. Unless traveling.

cathy: After trying a co-workers sauce, homemade is indeed quite tasty!

anon: That's what I figured, especially the 1st place we tried! ; (

bd: Oh yes, and through the 2 places we went to, the progressed from so-so, to very, very good at the last one, which was Frostys!