Monday, March 24, 2008

(double) Banksy

When you find the way

others will find you.

Passing by on the road

they will be drawn to your door.

The way that cannot be heard

will be echoed in your voice.

The way that cannot be seen

will be reflected in your eyes.

Lao Tzu


Anonymous said...

Lao tells it, doesn't he? That's beautiful.

Thanks, Coffee.

Anonymous said...

Aww, jeez! I just took a closer look at the pictures. Must confess, I don't get the first one. But the second, that's what it's really all about, isn't it? War, I mean. I'm reminded of that scene early in Kubrick's "2001..." where the anthropoids(or whatever you call'em)are fighting with a leg-bone over possession of the water hole. That's still where we are on that front, seems to me.

And there's enough water, it makes no sense...

Coffee Messiah said...

decker: It's ironic, isn't it, the 1st picture, "being against the War" that is......don't want to give it away.....

And yes, not much has changed in the world of man/woman. Take more than you give seems a bit backwards to me too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kurt said...

Lao had it goin on, fo shizzle, but I think one could also claim:

When you find the way
others will avoid you

tony said...

Lao Tzu & Banksy ! A Good Juxtaposition.

robin andrea said...

coffee, you always inspire me to go read lao tzu again. It's been nearly 30 years since I held a copy of the tao te ching. Hope things are going well in Carolina for you. I bet it's nice and warm there. Lucky you!

Squirrel said...

I agree with Robin (and Tony)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really like your blog too, you have a great sense of style.

I hope you are having a great time in NC.

Anonymous said...

Here I am, CM!
I really enjoyed catching up with your posts. Nice quotes & images. NC looks nice, hope you're having a great time.

The Peace way smells of coffee :)

Stay tuned
Keep it up!


Larry said...

Good Lao moments Coffee which you know when best to supply.

taco said...

I like the Lao Tzu a lot.

Unknown said...


Michael Bains said...

Alas, but that Kurt seems as accurate as Lao Tzu in his observation. At the least it's what most folk fear.

Happy Travels

Anonymous said...

Oh! That is an aerosol can in the top pic! It'd probably be even funnier if I knew the picture.
Must Google further...


Mary said...

Lead by example.

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: Of course, mainly 'cause they never understand the simplicity of it all! ; (

tony: Nice to C U!

robin: It was in the 70s today and I hear it's still cold in indy-anna! ; (

squirrel: Thanks for th visit! ; )

fitz: More people should check out your : Squeeze My Lemon! Thanks for dropping by!

o: Thanks for stopping by. I need to remember to see what you're up to on the other side of the World! Cheers!

larry: )

taco: Thanks for the visit! ; )

nick: Hi there.

mb: Ain't it the truth though! ; (

decker: With your keen eye I never would have suspected you missed that.

mary: Yep.....

Anonymous said...

Coffee, I saw it. My mind wouldn't let me accept that's what it was...'til I looked up Banksy. Now I can even tell you what brand it is!

Maybe I was having what Dali called "negative hallucination." Said he was walking down the street one day, carrying a 12 ft. loaf of bread on his shoulder, accidentally dropped it behind him, and when he turned around to pick it up, it was gone. He never found it.

Coffee Messiah said...

decker: I figured it was something you were familiar with.

I love the Dali story! Thanks for that one!