Friday, March 21, 2008

The view out the back door

Marker is in front of a Masonic Temple in Greensboro

Just because...........

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Carolina Peacemaker link

For those of you Spiritually & Coffee inclined

Lunch @ Woolworths - 1960 link

Sadly, this Museum is not and doesn't appear
to be opening any time soon.

An amazing time for an amazing
part of our country.

While having my 2 double espresso's at
Tate St. Coffee, I ran into Emily,
who introduced me to Henry.

Henry had lived in Berkeley, Ca back in time.
We had a chance to briefly chat about times
long past, but not forgotten.

You might want to look at this link.
Henry is part of this group.

I hope we can meet again
prior to my leaving.

They both were a pleasure to visit with!


Kurt said...

Someone once told me that, at one time, churches opened coffee shops to give people an alternative to bars.

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: Guess it's a good thing I don't cross the threshold of any church's!

I'd hate for people to think I'm a "coffeeholic" although I may need a 12 step plan.

To have 12 double espresso's instead of only 2! ; )

Unknown said...

I remember a coffee shop in the basement of a Unitarian (I think) church when I was in college in the '60s. The coffee was terrible but the poetry readings and folk songs were good. Of course, I didn't go for the coffee.

tony said...

Henry's Link Is Interesting.Thanks.Hey! Have Yourself a Good Easter.

Larry said...

Seeing the photo of Woolworths reminded me where we went every week when I was growing up.

I had forgotten that store as well as G C Murphys.

Frederick said...

It's nice to meet like minded people every once in a while.

Michael Bains said...

Would love to share an espresso withya sometime, CM. I'm over a friend's this mornin', so Mickey D's coffee had to do.

I'm still wonderin' how anyone can live without a Coffeepot!!! lol!

Travel well!

Coffee Messiah said...

nick: Well, if I were to "ever" cross a church threshold, it certainly would not be for coffee either. A few church's in our area started this trend after we opened our store way back when, but found it not to work too well.

tony: Thanks and you too! Glad you checked the Url out!

larry: Nice to see your comment and have never heard of the latter store!

fred: Yes indeed!

mb: That would be nice. Too bad I'll be going home through Virgina this time. I'll have to remember if we travel your way again.

Bobby D. said...

bad coffee in a Unitarian church basement...way back when.. I can see the styrofoam cups and the jar of coffee mate.

Coffee Messiah said...

dcb: Is "coffee mate" similar to "check mate?"

Miles said...

the thought of coffee in the basement of a church is disturbing, although many years ago, some friends opened a coffehouse called 'the crying wall' in the lower level of a roman catholic church with a basement wall that became moist during rainy season, hence the name. i never attended. neither catholicism nor folk music held interest for me.

by the way, speaking of disturbing things, what is the mysterious black apparition that appears in the accompanying photo?

Coffee Messiah said...

miles: I know what you mean about basements and the church. I saw this as I was driving by and think the cross was covered due to easter. That's all I know and no, I did not research the coffee or church! ; (