Friday, April 25, 2008

The book above was given to us by our friends
at Hyde Bros Books in Ft Wayne, when we
had our coffeehouse.

see Archive, Nov 23, '07 about our old place


The power of a mans mind,

are directly proportioned to

the quantity of coffee he drinks.

Sir James Mackintosh (1765 - 1832)


will be in Marion, In tomorrow morning
and at the same time, Hillary will be in Ft Wayne.

Although a bit curious about Obama, to stand in line
prior to 8:30 to get into a small HS gym until 10,
I won't even stand in a line like that for a concert.

Guess I'll have to read all about it in the paper or
watch the evening news.

I bid ya'll a nice, creative weekend!

it does not pay to be hip - shel silverstein


Larry said...

Since Marion is becoming a shell of a city with all the factory closings over the years and the GM plant scheduled to close, this will be a big thing for that faltering town.

Anonymous said...

Know how you feel. I couldn't even get the motivation to stand in line when John Fogerty came to town. And the venue was only two miles away. My public gathering days are over I guess.

DivaJood said...

I think standing in line is for teenagers. Just my opinion. Still, I think that Obama going to Marion IN is an important visit.

The book: oh, lordy, that must be quite a funny story. Love Richard Scarry books.

dennis said...

Dennis waits in line for nothing! LOVES the Scarry book though!

Bobby D. said...

Shel was his own worst enemy in that song!

Hello Coffee- i will send you that Klondike book--there is some faint underlining in it, but not much--otherwise in good shape, read it and pass it on--that's what we do.

Yesterday I spent the morning with a blogger visiting from England--very nice (she gave me a gift set of perfumes!) I'm going to send her something later.

Kurt said...

None of us will stand in line anymore. That means we're all old.

Professor Montblanc said...

I would stand in line for wine.

Bobby D. said...

I can't help it--I need to know what the coffee shop disaster was-- Richard Scarry was my childhood fave.

Coffee Messiah said...

larry: He's in Kokomo and Anderson today as well. And yes, like everywhere out here, jobs disappear faster than you can imagine.

hr9: Too many things can happen is all I think about! ; (

diva: Yes, captures a coffeeshop experience with inept people well.

dennis: Yes, it's even for cats.

dcb: Hey, that's quite nice of you. Do you want the Glenn Gould book? I also have a BBC radio show on CD about him, with his voice I can send also if you're interested. Let me know.

kurt: I don't think it has much to do with age, for me I really don't like to be around obnoxious people, and in lines there always seems to be many....

prof m: Never seen a line for wine, except at a winery.

dcb: Imagine a bad experience at a coffee shop with people who don't know what they are doing. That's it in a nutshell.

Squirrel said...

Kurt would not like street fairs either-- after about 5 minutes the crowds start to get to me.

robin andrea said...

I'm with divajood, standing in line is for teenagers. I have to admit though that I stood for several hours to hear bill clinton in 2000. I think that experience informed my opinion about waiting in line. Still it would be nice to hear Obama speak.

dennis said...

Dennis never stands in line--but once he happened by Rudy Giuliani speaking and stopped to listen to the total B.S. --then Dennis quickly moved on.

tony said...

Have A Good Weekend Coffee.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: We're the same way. Used to be fun and much more interesting art.

robin: They keep giving a limited number of tickets away. I saw a few photos and they even made the gym smaller to look more intimate. So I think maybe even fewer than 2,000 were even at this event.

dennis: If I saw him, I'd just run. And you're right about the BS! ; (

tony: Thanks & U 2!

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