Thursday, May 01, 2008

California Panama Exposition - 1900s

For over a century all coffee
exports came from Arabia Felix (Yemen).
The monopoly was broken in the 1600s
when a man named Baba Budan managed
to smuggle out seven live beans to India.

Re: Video link from previous post

"Hey, so do you want to know why i was in the doorway?
WEll Im going to tell you anyway...
I was there because that is the room
that the super group gets to use.

To be in the supergroup you have to have the best films
and put the most effort into them.
For one of our films we made our own fake glass.
Fun stuff. Oh and I pulled a prank on some people with it.
I told them it tastes really good so they licked
the sheet of glass and it is noted on the site
that the fake glass tastes terrible.
I thought it was funny.
Anyway, thanks for the publicity,

Tall Dude in the Doorway"

yer welcome Troy ; )


Kurt said...

Thank you Baba Budan.

Bobby D. said...

fake glass scares me

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of that kid.
I like the fake glass much more than the flick with the car going off the ramp.
Love you Big Bro

tony said...

Licking Windows? No Wonder They Had That Glazed Look In There Eyes...........

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: We're sorry we could not have named out coffeehouse that. Alas, out here, it never would have worked! ; (

dc: That was my first thought too.

little sister: I wish I could be there to see the films! Are they selling a t-shirts? Miss ya'll and hope we can get out there sometime soon.

tony: ; )

Anonymous said...

Hey Coffee, your site is the most unusual on the internet. Makes a nice change from the farcical elections.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry when I watch what's going on. I've advocated on my blog that Hugo Chavez be elected part-time President. He'll sort things out quick smart, put a broom through the establishment.

Because of your blog I keep looking at coffee machines everytime I go to town. I think I remember you said to buy a commercial machine for best results. I can dream, can't I?


Coffee Messiah said...

david: I'm not so sure it's that unusual, but appreciate your saying so. Chavez has his own problems, and we're looking for someone with some sort of common sense and way to interact in a more positive way, to be sure. We hope anyway.

Capresso Impressa S9 refurbished is what we have and has worked well for 2 yrs. As long as you keep it clean.

Cheers back!

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