Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coffee is a most powerful antiseptic,
and therefore very useful as a disinfectant.
It has been used as a specific against cholera

with marvelous results, and is useful in all

cases of intestinal derangement.
I do not recommend coffee as a
but as a medicine.

Florence Daniel
Food Remedies (1908)

Chester Kelsey is running for Congress and
lives down the street from us.

We wish him well and know that he
could do a fine job if elected.

You can see/hear him here.

A few weeks ago a mailart friend from Ca sent me
this compilation of songs he plays.

In an earlier post, you saw the Cigar Box Guitar
he made for me. He's an interesting fellow
and all around good guy!

You can listen to a few songs here.

And in case you haven't clicked on enough
links today, here's one about my nephews film class.

He's the tall dude in the doorway.

Go Troybo!



Kurt said...

Go Chester.

Bobby D. said...

You don't hear the name Chester much anymore.
The only famous one I can think of is Chester Arthur (maybe this Chester will be the 2nd Chester to be a Prez...who knows?)

I had a lizard named Chester when I was a kid. He was a pretty smart little guy.

also like the quote, as I am drinking coffee right now even though it's late afternoon. why not? I decided to live it up today.

Professor Montblanc said...

Bonne chance, Chester, Les politics: how do you say, Hard work! I applaude you.

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: It's gutsy, especially when you're young and doing it with your own money.

dcb:Coffee is good anytime!
Just like breakfast. ; )

prof m: He has put a lot of effort and spirit into it, and driven many miles to garner support.

tony said...

Coffee gets such a bad press these days.nice to see someone sticking up for it!

Professor Montblanc said...

the nephew has talent, bravo. i just see this linking now

Anonymous said...

Thanks, dude!

Fred said...

Coffee, do you have a large collection of Coffee related artwork ? packaging, etc?

Coffee Messiah said...

tony: Who said I was sticking up for coffee? ; )

prof m: Yes, some I'd say, although I've not seen him for some years now.

hr9: Hey, it's like a soundtrack with some voodoo, I like it I tell ya!

ched u: Er, some......

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