Thursday, May 15, 2008

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In Jamaica,
bats sucking on the ripe
coffee fruit at night is a signal
the beans are ready to pick.

When we had our coffeehouse, Jim here,
a teacher from another town would come in
and perform magic tricks.

For this one, he asked another magician
locally who was in to guess a card and Jim
would then have his picture taken and this
card is the one he chose.

It reminded me of some of the shenanigans
this past year, er 8 yrs, politically.

Pat Paulson 4 President

We're Up Against It Now
Uncle Dave Macon


Anonymous said...

Coffee, if only all the people in the world could spend lots of time in coffee houses, just sipping and chatting, the world would surely be a peaceful place.

Perhaps you, as the Coffee Messiah, need to launch a coffee revolution.

How about it?

Unknown said...

Hmmm… bats sucking on the ripe coffee fruit at night would be enough to keep me away from the coffee fruit.

Coffee Messiah said...

david: That's part of the problem. Division in so many ways. No interaction, person to person. I'm afraid we may be too late for revolution. Appears no one is interested! ; (

nick: You know, the fruit isn't actually the bean itself, don't you?

roger said...

i like that image of bats indicating the fruit's ripeness. i once had a coffee plant that produced fruit, but no bats to tell me when to pick it. no matter, there weren't enough beans for even a demi-demi-tasse.

Merle Sneed said...

Bats are wonderful creatures. Here in the desert they are a vital pollinator and nature's pest controllers.

dennis said...

dennis remembers when Pat Paulsen was running--he was frickin hilarious--thanks for the reminder.

dennis said...

we got bats they way cool

Coffee Messiah said...

roger:That's amazing and I do know it takes plenty of beans to make a small cup of java.....

merle: Yes, sometimes even the ugliest things in life are the most positive. How little we accept.

dennis: He was a vision of fresh air and simple truths....

Professor Montblanc said...

i never could master le simplest card trick.

Kurt said...

We're Up Against It Now is a classic!

Coffee Messiah said...

prof m: I know how to disappear! ; )

kurt: A classic that endures.....we've come so far ; (

Anonymous said...