Sunday, May 11, 2008

Okay, we'll have coffee.

Eh, how many lumps do you want?

Bugs Bunny to Pete Puma

Rabbit's Kin - 1952

wacky pack

Yes Indeed! - Moms Mabley & The Orioles
yes, after she changed her name
and became a comedianne


tony said...

"Boredom" Jeez! A hard brand to sell!
I hope you have a good week Coffee.........May All Your Cappuccinos Have Chocolate oOn!

Kurt said...

I forgot all about Wacky Packs. Thanks for the reminder.

Merle Sneed said...

Thanks for the Moms Mabley clip. How great was that?

dennis said...

Dennis is confused by everything!

Unknown said...

That stupid Pete Puma! I remember what came next.

Bobby D. said...

Lumps--I got into a stupid debate situation regarding tea (which I like to drink sans sugar) my friend insisted I must sugar my tea because it was actually improper not to. Sugar was very nearly forced on my tea, and I had to keep moving.

Proof? The old saying is "One Lump or Two?"
But then what about people who might ask for Three Lumps? Geeze... also improper.

dennis said...

Dennis is going to check this out--what do you think?

Darden Young Farms Coffee / Hawaii (Jesse Colin Young)
The rich soil and consistent rains make this farm unique in Kona where rocky soils are a given. The coffee is hand picked and pruned. No pesticides or poisons are used and the fertilizers are organic. In fact we are a Certified Organic farm with the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association. The two acre orchard was carefully planted in one of the oldest Macademia Nut orchards in West Hawaii.The coffee would therefore be shaded during hot, dry times and the songbirds would still have their orchard homes. Working sensitively with nature has truly produced a unique coffee that is rich in lipids and vanilla flavors. We produce approximately 3000 pounds of coffee a year and our customers are quite discerning.
All of our Kona coffee is a Vienna roast, something between a medium dark and a French roast. We have found this brings out the best flavor of the bean. It provides the richer flavor of a dark roast without the burnt taste sometimes found in the French roast.

Dennis just forgot you could buy coffee made in USA! wow--but then he learned some Konas are blended with other beans.

Coffee Messiah said...

tony: Hey, Thanks.....I've not been taken too many strolls through the internets these dayz! ; (

kurt: You remember these?

merle: Pretty nice, huh......

dennis: I'm confused that you're confused.

nick: Stupid? I don't know, trusting I'd say.

dc: I'm with you, tea without sugar is the only way to really taste the flavor. Alas, each to their own.

I had sweet T in NC. I liked it, but wouldn't make a habit of having it though. ; (

dennis: No reason not to try it. I almost purchased some David Lynch, but was afraid I'd turn into one of his characters! ; (

The roast you mention, at least to me sounds good. Vienna or French, Full City Roasts are all tasty if done correctly.

Let me know, I'd be curious.

Mary said...

Wacky Packs! What a memory! How do you find this stuff?

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: If it's about coffee......need I say more? ; )

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