Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coffee Boys, WNAX 1927
Yankton, South Dakota

The anti-coffee bans in Europe led to
black markets, political laws, economic
unrest, and social upheaval.

The people became frustrated without coffee.


Stockdale Mill, Indiana

This was a working Mill in this area.

You can now walk through all three levels
and even see how it used to work.

More information, click on the link.


Merle Sneed said...

ls are really interesting enterprises.

Along the /san Pedro river in SE Arizona there are the remains of amills that crushed ore so that the silver from Tombstone, AZ could be extracted.

Kurt said...

Merle - I think you need some more coffee! Great pics of the mill. I don't know what I'd do if they banned coffee.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info.

robin andrea said...

That's a beautiful old mill. Makes me wish I lived in a "bygone era" when flour was milled like this.

tony said...

They Had A Programme on British Telly last night about how King Charles #2 tried to close the London Coffee Shops down because they were a hotbed of Radical Political Debate.They equated it to The Chinese trying to block Google today.

taco said...

Is are really interesting merle right.

Coffee Messiah said...

merle: Remnants of the past are indeed interesting.

kurt: If they banned coffee, I'd have to cry in milk, and I don't drink that either! ; (

nick: )

robin: There was a guy there who used to work in that mill, who mentioned a farmer who would bring in 3 little bags of corn. He told this farmer perhaps he'd best wait to bring in the bulk of the corn when he had more. The man said he'd then not see him very often. There are 3 floors and you must start on top and work your way down. Quite a job to mill a little corn or wheat.

tony: I hope to see that story someday!

taco: The english language today! ; (

Bobby D. said...

If they banned coffee, I'd be forced to smuggled coffee beans or buy black market coffee.

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy a mill tour.

Coffee Messiah said...

dc: Yep, I'd have to be part of the underground too! ; )

dws: It's amazing to see how much work goes into getting such a small amount of product. But, it was fresh, unlike most things today.

Anonymous said...