Sunday, May 25, 2008

The real and lasting Victories

are those of Peace

not War.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Utah Phillips died Friday.


Professor Montblanc said...

Utah, he was still young, but at least he died peaceful

RIP, Utah

and thank you for introducing him to me.

Squirrel said...

Hope you're having a nice peaceful easy weekend.

Kurt said...

"It is important to preserve the mind's chastity" - Thoreau

Unknown said...

I find is sad that I’ve not encountered Utah Philips’ name since the mid-‘90s only to learn about his death today. Thanks for the memoriam and links.

May he rest in peace.

tony said...

R.I.P. Utah.

Coffee Messiah said...

prof m: That's the only way to go. On his website, he has some podcasts, and one of them he talked about why he would not accept a heart transplant. He was quite a guy.

squirrel: You too!

kurt: I like that one. Could have used it as a kid.

nick: He's been around, just under the mass appeal radar was all.

tony: Thanks for popping by!

Naj said...

Hi Messiah,

I wish to invite you to this e-vent.

(and I will later need your advice about the bigger project I am entertaining: peace cafe; and actual one.)

Larry said...

Good quote Coffee but then that is the norm in your Coffeehouse.

Mary said...

I was recently turned on to Utah Phillips by Spado's wife. What sad news.

robin andrea said...

What sad news about Utah Phillips. Thanks for the link to his website. I think I'll go over to listen and remember.

DivaJood said...

Three days late, I am so sad to read about Utah Phillips. RIP, Utah.

Coffee Messiah said...

naj: Thanks, will ponder this one.

larry: Thanks.

mary: He made a mark for himself and stayed true. Can't ask for any more than that.

robin: Thanks for taking a listen. Hope you heard his podcasts. Remarkable.

diva: A loss for music and labor.

earlbo said...

Here's an interview with him in the progressive.

Taken together, that is a massive amount of energy. A tremendous amount of energy! That is why I am so optimistic. There are too many people doing too many good things for me to afford the luxury of being pessimistic. I'm like Desmond Tutu says, I am a prisoner of optimism. I cannot betray that kind of optimism.

Travel well, Grand Duke of Hobos.

Coffee Messiah said...

earl: Thanks for the link.....I ran across some other recordings, but forgot to bookmark them 4 U! ; (

Maybe I'll find them again....

earlbo said...

Coffee, with my Utah post, I included 3 YouTube videos. As a result, I ordered 3 Utah CDs from Amazon, which should arrive in a few days.

Coffee Messiah said...

earl: I keep looking for his early works, and they're hard to find out here. I know he sold some on his own website also.

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