Sunday, June 22, 2008

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from "In The Sky Garden"
by Lizzie W. Champney
Illustrated by J. Wells Champney


Coffee Cantata

In 1732, Johann Sebastian Bach turned a
humorous poem by Picander into what's
become known as the Coffee Cantata. It's original
title was: "Be Quiet, Don't Chatter."

Ah! Coffee, how lovely this is,
Sweeter than a thousand kisses,
Mellower than a musical.
Coffee, coffee, I crave it dearly;
And should someone wish to cheer me,
Take my cup and fill it well!


Kurt said...

At my house, we often go to bed talking about the next morning's coffee, as in "just nine more hours 'til coffee!"

DivaJood said...

Ah, the Coffee Cantata - it just proves that caffeine (or caf-fine) is an essential part of the day. I like my espresso, for sure.

Bobby D. said...

I'm with Kurt--I often want a cup of coffee at night.. but I wait. I'm having coffee right now... ahhhh

Merle Sneed said...

I enjoy a good cup of coffee or ten.

dennis said...

Dennis is into espresso. Sweeter than a thousand fishes.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

are you jiving me with this factoid - be quiet, don't chatter.....regardless love the post and the in the sky illustration!

I love my morning coffee rituals.... when the cats hear the coffee grinder they know it will soon be breakfast time for them!

cbb said...

Well, I just had to HEAR the Coffee Cantata (thinking not to would be a 'debachle') and among the many You Tube options here is my favorite, complete with decorative foamy designs (which you just know makes it a better cuppa joe).

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: Seems it's always time to be thinking about coffee, no matter what time of day or night.

diva: Although we do enjoy the occasional "French Press" we've been enjoying our espresso most of the time also.

ched: It's "one" way to enjoy waking up, to be sure.

merle: Nothing wrong with that.

dennis: Many don't realize what complex flavor you can get out of a good shot or two, if done made correctly.

mouse: I found the illustration to be quite cool also.

cbb: That was nice, Thanks!

Unknown said...

Well in my universe (Mediterranean) coffee is definitely a ritual. No matter if it’s an Italian espresso, a traditional Greek /Turkish/ Cyprus / Arab (they are all the same thing!) or even an instant Nescafe hot or “al fredo”. I adore large cappuccinos…

Wonderful post, so harmonious, as I was reading it I could fantasize Johan Sebastian enjoying the aromas and taste of a cup of coffee with all his partitas open in front of him.

I haven’t been in here for ages. Do you remember me at all? I wonder. I had the Greek blog “opusdays.blogspot” you use to visit me quite often as I use to visit your previews blog often and exchange some political thoughts. I guess you know that American elections this year are a top interest here in Europe and we all hope there will be a change in Washington (Yes, you can!) Cheers from Cyprus!

ps. My new signature is my last name (Pittas) and the Greek word Politis which means “Citizen” so its Citizen Pittas – a hint for the spirit of the French revolution.

lettuce said...

well i am more of a tea drinker, i must admit - but nice to "meet" you, nevertheless

tony said...

Hi Coffee thanks (in advance) For sending The Stuff.
A word of warning.....Benidorm has the shitest Coffee in Spain.....Nice To Be Home to get a decent cup!

Coffee Messiah said...

politispittas: Hello and of course I remember you and your blog. I think politics was making us all angry back then, and nothing has changed. I did enjoy reading your blog and needed to use a translator of course. BTW, which one is your main blog? I believe I should have been born in Europe, just because I like all the coffees you mention too. Yes, we hope things change soon, but you know how it goes, baby steps always. It's been a rough 8 yrs! ; ( Cheers and Thanks for remembering!

lettuce: We too, drink tea. My favorite is Jasmine Pearls and our likes in Tea are as goos as our coffee choices. Thanks for stopping by!

tony: Spain wouldn't be a choice coffee spot I'd imagine. But the food must have been good. Have fun in Italy!

Unknown said...

I didn't know that.

Coffee Messiah said...

nick: I aim to please. ; )

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