Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Laurel & Hardy

Thursdays have become Theme Day
for a few bloggers and although there
have been only 2 so far, they look to
be quite interesting. Creativity is the key
and the rest is up to you. I will put the
theme in the sidebar on Mon/Tues,
once I hear what theme has been decided.

Won't you join in?


The folk-era coffeehouses of the sixties,
particularly in New York's Greenwich Village,
birthed many budding poets,
folk musicians and actors.
Woody Allen,Pete Seeger, John Cage,
Allen Ginsberg among many.
Similar to the first coffee houses in Turkey AD 1554,
and the Europeans in 1824.

The music for coffee did not end with Bach.
The very first Moog Synthesizer used in
pop music was a song called "Percolator"
where the synthesizer imitated
percolating coffee.


Bobby D. said...

The first Moog tune was coffee-related? (I did like the sound of the percolator.)

Kurt said...

Some people find Theme Thursday fun.

Merle Sneed said...

Others do too.

Kurt said...

Do you know about the Brazilian coffee-scented postage stamp?


Squirrel said...

I wish I could go back in time to a beatnik coffee shop for a few hours. I'd take Merle and Coffee back with me, and some other people. But not Kurt.

Georg said...

Bonjour Coffee,

Those two, Stan Oliver and Laurel Hardy were the pleasure of my youth. I saw them in the cinema before the movie.

They seem to be forgotten, these days, more or less. Maybe because this was black and white cinema, many people don't like it.


Coffee Messiah said...

ched: The claim is a moog was used in that song, for the 1st time. I remember Switched On Bach, so always think of that as the ist album. But my guess is, there were many.

kurt: It's interesting to see what others come up with, to be sure. And the stamp I see was made in 2001. Sorry I missed it. Will have to track one down somewhere though for the collection. Thanks for the tip!

squirrel: That would be nice. Don't forget the 6os, everyone's included, even Kurt. ; )

georg: Bon Jour! I enjoy all films B/W and L & H were used as a vehicle to keep my son amused as he grew up, and in teaching him common sense. It worked!

"If you must make a noise, make it quietly." L & H

Plus, they were funny, without being nasty to others. That's always a plus in my book!

Thanks for the clip also.


Unknown said...

Again quite appropriate: I ain’t advertising, but I just opened up a Wednesday (only) coffee house at Nick’s Bytes.

Larry said...

A good cup of coffee and the prose and wisdom of Coffee is the appropriate theme for any day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Bro-
We are in smokeland here so not smelling much of anything but the fires. It is very sad.
One of my best memories was going to the Castro to see the L and H marathon with YOU.
Those were some good times.
I love you and Miss you

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll second what Larry said.
As for Stan & Ollie, the mere sight of them tickles me! Just look at 'em! I'm instantly (partly) as care-free and amused as the two Munchkins behind me right now (two of the three grandkids, ages 8 & 9) making a 'clubhouse' under the coffee table with blankets and pillows surrounding the sides.

Theme Thursday...hmmm...

Coffee Messiah said...

nick: Thanks and will have to remember to stop by Wednesdays.

larry: Nice to C U!

shar: Hey, not too much about the fires out here, except they're burning. Also, they never get the area straight. Keep me informed and miss ya'll too!

decker: L & H appeared simple, but challenged your thinking in all their situations, and for that, no one will ever come close to them again. Cheers!

Bob Dylan said...

I'm hoping to work with Kurt on a theme someday.

Colette Amelia said...

Count me in as a thursday theme player!

Coffee Messiah said...

bd: Kurt will like that!

colette: Thanks for stopping and will stop by.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for helping promote theme thursday! fun is what it's all about!

speaking of fun, occasionally I've gone to a couple musical coffeehouses here in cleveland. when I was in college, we had a weekly folk music coffeehouse - we didn't have anyone big emerge from them, but I always liked to attend.

since I'm a relatively new reader, I don't know if you've mentioned the book 'a history of the world in six glasses' by tom standage. it's terrific - especially the chapter on coffee and it's analysis of what social changes coffee helped bring about. if you're not familiar with the book you might find it fun.

DivaJood said...

Well, I was busy feeling all sorts of sorry for myself on Tuesday and Wednesday so I will play Theme Thursday late. What a good idea.

Coffee Messiah said...

mouse: Thanks for the heads up on the book. Am not familiar with it but will keep my peeps open.

diva:Hope you are felling better! We all need to feel sorry for ourselves sometimes! ; )

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