Friday, July 04, 2008

I volunteered for the Union Army during

the Civil War. Since I was just a teenager,

one of my first assignments was to bring

troops coffee and hot meals out

on the front lines.

Nobody on either side called a time out,

I could have been shot!

President William McKinley
1843 - 1901


A Dream For Him - David Crosby


bitchlet said...


Ghost Dansing said...

i think there maybe is a dream dreaming us

Coffee Messiah said...

bitchlet: Peace to you too! And Thanks for stopping by!

ghost: Thanks for stopping by also and for the link.

Anyone following, check the video out. It's worth watching and is short.

Bobby D. said...

I always had a soft spot for Prez McKinley. Teddy was his VP --wild times . Don't know much about what was going on during his campaign/ election, funny how you never all that hear much about the guys they beat. Hopefully McCain will be as forgettable as all the other guys who ran and never made it.

Ghost Dansing said...

John McCain is quite forgettable..... actually i liked him better when he was running against Dubya. compared to Dubya he would have been a much better President. but compared to anybody that ran in the Democratic Primary, he's chopped liver.

Merle Sneed said...

Since I've lived in AZ most of my life, I've gotten a close-up view of John McCain at work.

He is really a decent man who tries to do the right thing. He will never be president, but he is really a good man.

cbb said...

Great song, Coffee, and wonderful reminder of our obligations to the next generation. Whatever happened to the musical tradition of social protest? Do you suppose there still is one and it just isn't making the charts? We had the Dixie Chicks for awhile but now...?

Kurt said...

I'm more of a Coolidge fan.

Bobby D. said...

Coolidge did yoga.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I don't know much about mckinley - he's one of the local ohio boys to make it to president, that I know and he was in the civil war & now I know what he did....there's sure a lot of things named mckinley around.

in lakewood, one of the main streets (but not a drag) is named mckinley and there's an mckinley elementary school - bet there's a lot of mckinley elementary schools in ohio!

good tune selection.

be careful of your digits! off to check ghost's vid

Alan Smithee said...

The famous Coolidge story:

Coolidge was famous for being a man of few but well-chosen words. Despite his reputation, “Silent Cal,” as he was called, had a keen sense of humour, and he could be talkative in private family settings. His wit was displayed in a characteristic exchange with a Washington, D.C., hostess, who told him, “You must talk to me, Mr. President. I made a bet today that I could get more than two words out of you.” Coolidge replied, “You lose.”

tony said...

I would have been pissed-off if he'd have forgotten the 2 sugars i need in my Coffee.......

Coffee Messiah said...

ched: Those days must have been something. Guess he was in the know for his time if he did yoga. ; )

ghost: He just never has made an impression on me, especially since they only talk about his years in Viet Nam. After all these years, it might be time to put it behind him, as best he can.

merle: I will take your word for it.

cbb: They're out there, but what's left of public radio is controlled to such a degree, you must listen to a college station or pay for XM etc to hear any of it anymore.

kurt: I've never been a fan of ex presidents myself.

mouse: Thanks for stopping by.

alan: Very good story! ; )

tony: Yikes! ; (